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"The sparrow" ratings continue to break the 2  Dongyu Zhou staged a counter attack torsion controversy – Shaanxi channel — original title: "the sparrow" ratings continue to break 2 Dongyu Zhou staged a counter attack starring Dongyu Zhou twist controversial Spy Drama "sparrow", during the national day of the ratings continued to break 2. Dongyu Zhou in the play of rookie agent Xu Bicheng, in times of danger and test, began to grow, not only unlock many new skills, but also opened a road to counter attack, so many viewers of the attitude change. "The sparrow" ratings continue to grow year break 2 Xu Bicheng Spy Drama "sparrow" is Hunan TV hit, more humane elements, let it win the sympathy of the audience of all ages. Not only in the provincial TV drama ratings list, during the National Day ratings are continuing to break 2. Dongyu Zhou played in the drama of the Xu Bicheng, after a period of danger and the test, not already a rookie agent. When go through fire and water and her partner Tangshan sea was arrested, Xu "the people of the state is a very big change, she was brave to face the danger, will be the first time after failing to think calmly, make objective judgment, the official opening of the road to counter attack. The role of Dongyu Zhou before and after contrast large audience attitude change Xu Bicheng left the audience in the early impressions are timid, weak, and in the recent period of the story, Xu Bicheng not only can calmly after the interrogation, at the critical moment of the show also highlights some special quality. When Xu Bicheng found himself no longer only for love, but also for the efforts of the faith, so that many of the audience’s attitude towards her has changed significantly. The audience said: "Xu Bicheng is the lack of practical experience, Dongyu Zhou performing delicate, the role before and after contrast interpretation is in place" and "the role of Xu Bicheng is full of people, more challenging, to hate Xu Bicheng, but also because of Dongyu Zhou’s performance in place". Director Jin Chen in an interview, also commented "Dongyu Zhou played the first spy drama, she also is a try, I think her performance is the overall strength, the heart is tension, her occupation is certainly more lasting vitality. This play her climax in the second half, there are more accidents occur". (Wang Li, Deng   commissioning editor:   Nan)相关的主题文章: