The spare tire or a bestie Ming Cyndi Wang full care intimate manner

The spare tire or a bestie? Ming Cyndi Wang full care intimate manner in November 26th about on-line "goddess of choice", bestie partner program group specially arranged the big head. Cecilia Cheung partner Shen Mengchen style fresh, Liu Yan and the king of comedy group bestie constantly, and Ming as the program only one specific bestie, seems to have played a "impure" posture, not only full care of Cyndi Wang, and even joined the four men and a woman fight battle, in the process of recording the whole show "loving, a" bride "momentum, male guests look exceptionally jealous. "Bestie love" or "spare tire to host? The whole Ming "care" Cyndi Wang Cyndi Wang and the male bestie road again with the box, always let people have a "life lead happy men and women together" the moment of trance, people have a "heavenly Robe" relive the good time. Ming said he and Cyndi Wang are thirty years of good bestie, so I hope that she can find happiness. However, in the program, two people often close down the steep stairs, whisper, encounter difficult to walk the road, Ming will naturally hold Cyndi Wang’s hand, even around Cyndi Wang’s shoulder a way to support heart care, male guests look exceptionally jealous. There is such a bestie "Ming men, male guests do not know our place obstacles in the way" are alexander. The release of Cecilia Cheung Shen Mengchen between the sisters Liu Yan and Shen Mengchen Cecilia Cheung before the king in nature is a "misplaced" revolutionary friendship. Cecilia Cheung said Shen Mengchen as his little sister, and Shen Mengchen Cecilia Cheung as his big sister, sister is active in a program to give advice and suggestions, analysis of the male guests, hoping to help his most beloved elder sister can find the most suitable person. Cecilia Cheung is also in the life of Shen Mengchen was very care, two sisters let people envy. Liu Yan and the king of this combination is the most typical daily bestie mode. Two people in the program make impromptu comic gestures and ramarks playing awfully, Liu Yan, also never otherworldly pictorial image out of the embodiment of the "female nerve", as long as the king Liu Yan together, a second release of their own nature, and the king and the subject of ridicule, relaxed and joyful atmosphere, funny broken. The setting is specially added bestie God assists or pig teammates? Male guests in as and with what kind of tricks to beg for beauty with the shield bestie? More exciting look forward to November 26 Sunstar emotional experience travel reality show, the goddess of choice! Concerned about the big Chu network official WeChat (micro signal: dachuwang), to give you interesting, useful information, as well as gift sent every day. Scan the two-dimensional code below concern.相关的主题文章: