The South Korean government and started the cronies door independent counsel agree Sohu

The South Korean government and started the "cronies door" independent counsel agree Sohu news local time November 4, 2016, South Korea, in the television broadcast of President Park Geun Hye speech. South Korean President Park Geun hye released a televised speech that day, on the good friend Cui Shunshi behind the scenes to do the incident again stand. She said that if the national requirements, in order to find out the truth, will be honest with the prosecution investigation. In November 14,   according to South Korean media reports, South Korean government and the three party chief deputy whip said local time on 14, and started to President Park Geun hye cronies intervention case behind the procuratorial independence and Congress government investigation agreement. Reported that the independent prosecutor will be recommended by the two parties to the opposition, and appointed by the president. The independent counsel will lead the 4 assistant prosecutor, 20 transferred to prosecutors, 40 special prosecutor to investigate the 120 days of "close the door" event. National investigation group by the government and each 9 National Investigation special committee composed investigation lasted 90 days. The opposition also plans to the corresponding bill through the Congress will be held on 17 meeting. The drafting of "common law" the independent Democrats et circles said that the act of investigation scope covering "all doubt close door". Presidential aides to Cui Shunshi leaked confidential documents, presidential secret convicted chaebol to Ann Jong, Cui Shunshi Foundation donated funds, misappropriation of government intervention measures and personnel and various external charges all among the cost of cable to the enterprise through the labor market legislation or pardon.相关的主题文章: