The same is short hair, Zhang Yuqi is very stylish, but Song Jia is very old (video) ()

The same is the hair cut short, Zhang Yuqi Yang Zi is stylish, Song Jia is very old in nearly a year of fashion circle, Haircut trend intensified, almost every month a new star "Haircut joined the army in the past. However, it all cut off will be good? It is not necessarily to cut, cut, the style is the most important! Caring for the female star recently cut short hair style? Zhang Yuqi’s hair is shorter. One is Zhang Yuqi, when starting from Beijing to Venice was long hair, only two days did not see, becomes lob when the red carpet curls clavicle, playful feel completely is "beauty and the beast" inside the belle! Zhang Yuqi summer autumn nuozha mix bright goddess teach you the ideas for the "new" however, just starting to Venice a while ago her hair still left this at that time, in the foreign play she shared a set of dye hair photos, and said: "a hair dye rome". So, at the beginning of August to the end of the month and dyed his hair into black hair, at the beginning of September and in Venice in short to the clavicle. Others go out on vacation is not the waves beach is a tourist attraction, but people actually is to change hair style?! Well, this is Zhang Yuqi. Zhang Yuqi comb hair in the first half of 2016 can be more than six months to change the 20 Hair above! This record you dare than? Hairstyle Diva this title is absolutely deserved! However, dare to try such a variety of styles, but also by hold it really only Zhang Yuqi such a perfect oval shape to do ah! If you are such a face, then congratulations, because you are the most difficult to pick up the face of the ah! Come again, Yang Zi. Has been long hair she recently with the other "two" Ode to joy Liu Tao and Wang Ziwen pace, short hair. Moreover, also dyed the Korean American girls are keen on the linen brown". Indeed, this hair color is fashionable western style, but in the micro-blog share a new hairstyle, a lot of people reflect the short she has become "red net". This is mainly because her face is a little round, apple muscle pounding, and then cut the most fashionable hairstyle, a bit blurred her original identification. Yang Ziran, we also find a purple sister in recent days the airport photos, after the discovery of the hair she was beautiful! With the help of previous successful weight loss, while wearing masks, but still be able to see the whole western style a lot of hair, can really change the temperament. Yang Zi compared to the success of the new model, the students will be a little worse on the Song Jia! Because she changed since the pink boylish male head, a lot of people are advised her in exchange for the previous lob! In fact, the new hair handsome degree is still there, but because we face asian girls is usually relatively flat, the line is not clear, plus Song Jia’s neck is not very long, so did the hair before with her features, color. Ma Sichun, you see, this hairstyle is equally beautiful but the round face of the Ma Sichun has been cut before, it is not appropriate. Gao Junxi is also this hairstyle, facial features more three-dimensional and delicate, long neck is very suitable for Gao Junxi, the people look very fashionable western style! And one bit.相关的主题文章: