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The Zhengzhou Raiders. The real estate registration department to accept different channel – – Henan – reporter Chen Jun Washington from today, the weekend has become the Zhengzhou real estate registration department of the working day". Because the real estate registration departments in Zhengzhou are facing different situations, the acceptance of each sub center is different from the "new working day" at the weekend. How to transact business in all districts? Please take this strategy". Jinshui District: on Saturday will be handled for the scheduled business, on Sunday released 180 transfer, mortgage registration "site number", specifically accept the "real estate registration summary procedure". In addition, from next week, on the basis of the previous reservation number, 40 bookings will be released every day. Zheng Dong New District: at present has realized "the day accepts", handles the procedure consistent with the ordinary day. City Management: take the "two weeks reservation date move forward" mode. People who have made reservations for the next two weeks on Saturday and Sunday will be able to go to the sub center this weekend. At the same time, every Monday afternoon to Friday, will open 3-4 windows, accept the date of the next two weeks of reservation number. Huiji district will be in the "new work: every day" released about 80 live, transfer, mortgage registration services, namely to do business inquiries. 27 districts: take "move forward in advance". If the appointment is made on Monday and Tuesday, the person can process it on Saturday and Sunday. In the same way, according to this way, the people who have already made an appointment in the next week can advance four days, and so on. After opening area: similar to the situation of Zheng Dong New District, it has basically realized "the same day"". Saturday and Sunday go to work as usual. The procedures are the same as usual. Zhongyuan District: take the "pre appointment plus site number" approach accepted. Prior to this, the Central Plains sub center has carried out on Saturday and Sunday about 30 daily booking number. For the weekend as a measure of work day, the sub center will deal with the previous reservation number, based on the daily increase of about 60 number of field acceptance business. High tech Zone: after the adjustment of the first "no weekend", high tech sub center to take "digest backlog" as the main task of overtime. At the end of this week, we will concentrate on the previously accepted but not completed business, in order to shorten the time limit of this part of the winding up, and further enhance the efficiency of the subsequent volume. The number of on-site reception is limited, please call first (67986022) after consulting the admissibility of the day, and then decide whether to go or not. Need to remind that, to go to some sub centers in advance to handle the appointment of the number of operators, please after the business, the initiative to cancel the original reservation, more convenient for the masses. For this, Kim center request appointment in advance the admissibility of the act must be paid prior to the appointment, the center for the city, Huiji two miss for the people to implement the "blacklist" system. (commissioning editor Chang Liyuan and Yang Xiaona)

攻略丨郑州各不动产登记部门受理情况有所不同–河南频道–人民网   □记者陈骏   本报讯从今天起,周末又成为了郑州各不动产登记部门的“工作日”。由于分布于郑州各区的不动产登记部门所面对的情况各不相同,对于周末“新增工作日”,各分中心的受理情况也有所区别。各区究竟咋办理业务?请收好这份“攻略”。   金水区:将在周六正常办理已预约业务,在周日每天放出180个转移、抵押登记的“现场号”专门受理“不动产登记简易程序”的办理。此外,从下周起,将在此前预约号的基础上,每天再放出40个预约号。   郑东新区:目前已实现“当天受理”,办理程序与平日一致。   管城区:采取“两周内已预约号前移”的方式。已取得过本周六、周日起未来两周内预约号的市民,可在本周末前往分中心进行办理。与此同时,在周一至周五的每天下午,还将开放3-4个窗口受理当日未来两周内的预约号。   惠济区:将在“新增工作日”每天放出80个左右的现场号进行转移、抵押登记业务的办理,查询业务即来即办。   二七区:采取“顺次前移”的方式。如预约在下周一、周二的办理人可在本周六、周日进行办理。同理,按照这种办理方式,已预约在下下周的市民就可提前四天进行办理,以此类推。   经开区:与郑东新区情况类似,已基本实现“当天受理”。周六周日照常上班,办理程序与平日一致。   中原区:采取“此前预约加现场号”的方式受理。此前,中原分中心已对周六、周日进行了每日30个左右的预约号办理。对于周末定为工作日的举措,该分中心将在办理此前已预约号的基础上,每天增加60个左右现场号受理业务。   高新区:对于此次调整后的首个“无休周末”,高新分中心采取以“消化积压件”为主要任务的方式进行加班。这个周末准备将此前已受理但未办结的业务进行集中处理,以此既缩短这部分卷的办结时限,又可以进一步提升后续办卷的受理效率。现场受理名额有限,请各位先拨打电话(67986022)咨询当天受理情况后,再决定前往与否。   需要提醒的是,对于前往一些分中心提前办理已预约号的办事人,请在办理业务后主动将原有预约取消,方便更多办事群众。对于此,金水分中心要求预约号提前受理的办事人必须上缴此前的预约号,管城、惠济分中心也对于两次“爽约”的办理人实行了“黑名单”制度。 (责编:常力元、杨晓娜)相关的主题文章: