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The pupils were at the snitch written after review   said to bear — Shandong — review channel between the lines reflects the bear "against" recently, students bear the sixth grade of a primary school in Nanjing (a pseudonym) because of disturbance to the naughty students, the little girl was at the same table report to the teacher. The teacher asked bear to write a "reflection"". Bear to write a review to the teacher, the teacher let the content was still the circle of friends became popular, attracted a lot of forwarding, netizens have said, "this child has great ideas, bold style". What the hell is going on? After the boy was fined, he wrote a two page review of about 800 words. The review is divided into three parts, the first part is to write their own what made a mistake; the second part is to analyze the reasons and do wrong to make a profound reflection; the third part is stated later how to correct and hope the teacher how to handle. The review of this article is smooth, clear, profound and informative "sentiment", a lot of idioms, you can see the little boy’s writing is still relatively deep. Why can it be popular circle of friends? Modern Express reporter after careful reading this review, found that although it looks a little boy realized his mistake, but between the lines are embodied in "I defy". In this paper, repeatedly to write their own review, because "table hit small report", "run amuck table I should, That’s going too far.", "to the heart of a gentleman, of the villain of the abdomen, swallow humiliation". On the one hand, his performance will correct the error after the hand has repeatedly condemned the chicken Duchang table. The child’s teacher told Modern Express reporter, see this review when you also feel very interesting, but some children too self thought or in need of repair, she also found the child in private education, told him to learn empathy, want to stand in others’ position, can not always remember others snitch. She said: compared to punish the child, I hope the child can reflect on their own mistakes, to express their views and ideas." She said the children usually all aspects of performance are good, especially in science subjects often praised by the teacher, performance is also very good, but also hope that when the class flag in hand. The teacher said, after correcting his mistake in the child, will give him a chance to rise when the bearer. The teacher said: "now the children will be more or less self, especially some of the contradictions are likely to happen between boys and girls, each of us young students will inevitably be a snitch, but in fact, these will be the children of precious memories, hope they don’t destroy the friendship between the students." (commissioning editor Nie Junqiong and Hu Honglin)相关的主题文章: