The prevalence rate of 17.65% doubled in 10 years in Shanghai over the age of 35 adults with diabete-驯龙高手dm456

The prevalence rate of 17.65% to 10 years doubled [Abstract] Shanghai resident population in Shanghai is over 35 years old adults with diabetes, 35 years old adult prevalence rate reached 17.65%, according to projections, the city of about 2 million people with diabetes, a serious disease burden. November 14th is the Tenth United Nations diabetes day, this year’s theme is common concern diabetes". This morning, the city CDC related activities came news: the city’s diabetes prevention situation is very grim. More than and 10 years since 2002, the city has nearly doubled the prevalence of diabetes. The latest survey data show that the city’s resident population, the prevalence of adults over the age of 35 reached 17.65%, according to projections, the city has about 2 million of patients with diabetes, a serious burden of disease. , a disease control expert, told the Liberation Daily, ·: about 8.8% of all adults aged 20-79 in the world suffer from diabetes. By 2040, the world is expected to have 642 million people suffering from diabetes. So far, China is still the largest country in diabetes, the number of patients reached 109 million 600 thousand, ranking first in the world; by 2040 the number of patients with diabetes in China is expected to reach up to 150 million 700 thousand. The city since 2001 will be diabetes prevention and treatment of chronic disease prevention and control into the overall planning, since 2004, started in all communities to carry out a full population of diabetes health education, screening and intervention in high-risk groups and risk factors of patients with standardized management work. To 2016, the city’s cumulative screening of high-risk groups of more than 560 thousand people, more than 6.3 people diagnosed with diabetes mellitus; total management of diabetic patients more than 68 people. More than and 10 years, the city’s diabetes awareness rate increased from less than 50% to less than 68%. To 2016, the city’s total of more than 56 people at risk of diabetes screening million people, more than 6.3 people were detected in patients with diabetes mellitus; at present the city community in the tube of patients with diabetes and pre diabetes patients more than 71 people. In another development, to further strengthen the prevention and control of diabetes, the municipal government will "Shanghai City metabolic diseases (diabetes) prevention and treatment service system construction" included in the "Shanghai action plan to strengthen the construction of public health system in three years (2015 -2017 years)". The project will integrate the prevention and medical resources; to carry out the city’s community health service center of medical personnel training, improve the community medical staff of diabetes and its complications screening and prevention ability; to carry out the construction of community diabetes testing standardization; high risk population screening and 300 thousand diabetes risk assessment of 1 million residents; complete the screening free of complications about 250 thousand of patients with diabetes in community the. The project will also rely on the Shanghai health cloud construction, establishment of prevention services and management system based on big data, for the new two or three medical institutions of Shanghai city disease system, so as to enhance the residents’ awareness rate of diabetes, blood glucose control rate and complication rate, reduce or delay the occurrence of complications of diabetes, diabetes the death rate. [link] with any one of the following cases, namely for high-risk groups – type 2 diabetes in 1 aged 40 years; 2 had impaired glucose regulation (.相关的主题文章: