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The pregnant mother sleeping posture is not correct, not only affects the sleep! Sohu mother and daughter often hear a lot of expectant mothers complained: always sleep well after pregnancy. Doug mom feel very strange, why I was pregnant when I can sleep very well? Just know in detail, the original mother’s sleep habits are very different with the peas mother, so poor sleep quality is very far. Indeed, only good sleep habits can bring quality sleep quality. I believe that there is a certain number of mothers sleeping disorders. Below, Doug mom will share with you their successful sleep experience, hoping to help mothers to solve this problem. Your home, a pillow should be changed? Old and dirty pillows to mildew, mites, trigger allergies or respiratory disease. Pregnant women out of their own and fetal protection, should pay attention to the timely replacement of pillows. To determine whether or not the pillow for a simple self inspection standards: 1, in the absence of other physical illness, the morning after the neck numbness often feel acid rose. 2, the pillow has lost its elasticity, need to beat for a while to make it restore some flexibility. 3, after the hard to adjust the pillow, it quickly restored flat. 4, the pillow has agglomerate, uneven phenomenon, odor and moisture filling. How long does it take to change the pillow? There are a lot of people every four years for a pillow, in fact, the pillow should be replaced every 1 ~ 3 years. Because the old and dirty pillows to mildew, mites, trigger allergies or respiratory disease. The pillow should be easy to clean and dry, so that the pillow can be used for a long time. Intimate reminder: if the conditions permit, pregnant women may wish to change the pillow from being informed of pregnancy. A clean and comfortable pillow, can bring you the most important thing in life 10 months quality sleep! Especially recommended: DIY pregnant belly pillow put a pillow into a pregnant belly bulging pillow, let the belly "pillow", will feel comfortable a lot — the system of law: the side of a big pillow it is cut into the meniscus; and filling them back into floc inside, outside the high end can suture. Principle: when the pregnant mother side to sleep when the meniscus belly bulge under the pillow of the abdomen, left and right can alleviate abdominal straining force discomfort, give some support to the abdomen, pregnant mother can sleep, effectively reduced sleep disturbances during pregnancy. Pairs of twins and pregnant mother of the fetus, the use of better results. Two, do you sleep correctly? After pregnancy, fetal growth and development in the mother. In order to meet and adapt to the needs of the fetus, pregnant women’s physiological function and anatomical structure will be some changes. In particular, the uterus gradually increased, uterine blood flow also increased significantly. At birth, the entire abdomen was almost occupied by the uterus, which is bound to the heart, lung and urinary organs have different degrees of passage or extrusion. If pregnant women take a supine position to sleep at this time, the increase in uterine pressure in the uterus on the rear of the aorta, uterine blood supply significantly reduced, a direct impact on fetal nutrition and相关的主题文章: