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The opening of Tibet – Channel – original title of Tibet folk cultural tourism festival opening ceremony: gongbujiangda County folk culture tourism in Tibet Tibet Gongbo’gyamda County Gongbo’gyamda County folk culture tourism festival gongbujiangda October 13th news Tibet Folk Culture Tourism Festival gongbujiangda county (reporter Ma Hongchao) organized by the Tibet gongbujiangda County, gongbujiangda County People’s Government of the tenth session of the 2016 gongbujiangda County bassoon cloth of Folk Culture Tourism Festival opened in October 12th, tourism small town township high wood bar fault. During the event, will be held in many wonderful performances, will also hold cloth hidden nostalgia, beauty bassoon "tourism promotion, invite the major travel agencies in the new measures of tourist routes on-the-spot investigation. During the festival, will be held with stone, twist yarn, whistling arrow, tug of war, such as sports, Yajia? Zanba and trade fairs and exhibitions. Gongbujiangda county is the west gate of Linzhi, rich in tourism resources, can be described as "cultural relics park is beautiful, a landscape of lakes and mountains abundant resources". The former refers to gongbujiangda formed a national 4A level scenic bassoon as the core, secondary measures, new measures for the extension, Koyama and Dorji Sassen, a Gadongzan baga rock and other attractions echoes, basum co national Forest Park, Zhu River National Wetland Park for ornament, Gongbu nature reserve, nature reserve of white lipped deer the quality of Niyang River; the latter refers to the ancient village, there is a national Chinese ten most beautiful village conggo village, APEI culture, Niang Qu culture, bagai’s culture local culture is thousands of years is not bad, all this demonstrates gongbujiangda profound cultural connotation and strong cultural vitality. Folk cultural tourism in Tibet Tibet Gongbo’gyamda County Gongbo’gyamda County folk culture tourism festival in recent years, gongbujiangda county government attaches great importance to the ecological development of the tourism industry, and actively implement the county tourism, tourism Fuxian strategy, present here the ecological tourism industry has made considerable progress, the development of various scenic spots. This year 1-9 month, gongbujiangda County, a total of 757 thousand and 300 tourists trips, tourism revenue 249 million yuan; the bassoon scenic tourists 159 thousand and 100 passengers, ticket sales 15 million 887 thousand and 500 yuan, an increase of 26.6% and 15.8% respectively. According to reports, the future will be in accordance with the "create a gongbujiangda County scenic spot", "boutique scenic spot", "Shen world double heritages" three step strategy, take measures to achieve great leap forward development, tourism industry, tourism industry to truly become a pillar industry here. It is reported that the bassoon folk culture tourism. Cloth Festival, is not only an important starting point for the integration of tourism resources, the county Gongbo’gyamda county to build the festival brand, is also an important measure to promote the county’s economic and cultural prosperity. After the folk culture tourism festival show that the show gongbujiangda county history and culture, folk customs, industry resources, development achievements and prospects, promote economic and social development has a positive role in promoting. (commissioning editor Wu Yuren and Yu Haizhou)相关的主题文章: