The opening of the fifteenth summer Paralympics Games in Rio De Janeiro-queer as folk

The fifteenth summer Paralympic Games opening – Sports – original title in Rio De Janeiro: the fifteenth summer Paralympic Games opened in September 7th in Rio De Janeiro, the fifteenth summer Paralympic Games opening ceremony in Brazil Rio De Janeiro Maracana stadium. The fireworks show at the opening ceremony. Photo by Xinhua News Agency reporter Yang Lei Xinhua Rio De Janeiro September 7th sports news (reporter He Jun, Ji ye) Olympic Games still warm, Shanhaiguan intersection of seaside city will usher in the Paralympic heatwave. 7 evening, the fifteenth summer Paralympic Games in Brazil football temple, Rio’s Maracana stadium grand opening. This is the first time since the Paralympic Games held in 1960 into the South American continent. The next 12 days, 4432 athletes from 160 countries and regions around the world will meet at the foot of the mountainous Kerr Cova, in Rio 22 large and 528 small race. Syria, Iran, two refugees will form an independent Paralympic delegation to the Paralympic games. When the sun sets on the Rio beach, the remnants of the Austrian curtain in the gorgeous night lights rise. With the audience countdown sound, from 10 to 1 a digital countdown in a clockwise direction from the top of the Maracana stadium were launched, extreme wheelchair athlete Allen? Fuselingemu from the side of the stadium is 17 meters under the steep dive, passed through the symbol ring number "0" fly to the sky, thus opened the curtain. In September 7th, the disabled dancers and dance robot purdy. On the same day, the fifteenth summer Paralympic Games opening ceremony in Brazil Rio De Janeiro Maracana stadium. Xinhua News Agency reporters Yang Lei and she was taken to the scene, the heart without borders theme throughout the opening ceremony, designed to pass the Paralympic athletes to the world of infinite energy. The 2014 Sochi Paralympic Winter Games snowboarding bronze medalist, was amputated below the knee of the American actor Amy Purdy and robot arm "battle?" has become the biggest bright spot, she continued to complete difficult dance robot design, and make the opponent completely experienced my dancing under. 4 minutes of modern dance performances, won the audience more than 80 thousand spectators applause. In order to allow the Paralympic athletes to watch as much as possible the opening ceremony of the performance, the delegation admission link in advance. China sports delegation of thirty-second people with disabilities, members of the delegation dressed in a uniform blue dress, hand dance of the flag of the two countries, the London Paralympic Games women’s wheelchair fencing champion under the guidance of Rong Jing admission. Chinese previously has been three consecutive Paralympic gold medals and two first, the delegation to the Rio Paralympic Games consists of 499 people, including 307 athletes who participated in the 17 large and 328 small game, is China attended Paralympic athletes held abroad, up to a maximum of entries. 21 when he attended the opening ceremony of the president of Brazil Temel announced the opening of the Paralympic games. Craven, chairman of the International Paralympic Committee, said: "welcome to the first Paralympic Games held in the South American continent, which will surprise you相关的主题文章: