The old professor in the rain off his suit cover student work was praised (Figure)

The old professor and student work won the praise of the suit cover (Figure) original title: the old professor and student work suit wrapped the imperial style warm the hearts of more than 4000 users praise the picture from the newspaper news network (reporter Qu Jiancheng Ouyang Song correspondent Zeng Han Liu Cheng) in the rain, the teacher took off the jacket, the students’ homework wrap, and then hand operation, hurried to the office building. This scene happens to be behind the teacher to capture, the back of this photo, then spread in WeChat, micro-blog. The day before yesterday, this micro-blog sparked heated debate on the internet. In the following, micro-blog, more than 4000 users have the behavior of the teacher praise, many users have a message to discuss the matter, have the teacher’s heart warming move point praise: friends @ the little snail crawl, really want to praise, in Wuhan people know how cold the day; friends @ Jingjing said the goddess this figure has a warm feeling; happy to find friends @ McDull said, this sense of responsibility, really is a teacher ah, not only education students more heart education. Yesterday, the Wuhan evening news reporter to verify that the rain coat protects the students’ homework teacher, is from the City College of Wuhan University of Science and Technology teacher Shi Danlin. Professor Shi Danlin, Huazhong Normal University master’s degree, master’s tutor, is the financial, financial management experts. After retirement in 2011 to Wuhan University of Science and Technology City College of economics and Management Department of the work, to become a full-time teacher, Professor of micro economics, macro economics courses. Because at that time the students made a lot of homework, two classes of 100 people. If it all wet because of the rain, it is not easy, I’ll put the suit off it wrapped in the rain came back. The way to the executive floor hall, the door to the exchange when taking off his clothes, hands didn’t take good, "the glass insulation pop ‘water fell on the ground and broke." Shi Danlin has been smiling to reporters to restore the whole process of online photos, and repeatedly said that this is nothing, he taught a lifetime of the book, which is his occupation, there is nothing worth publicity. Yesterday, the WeChat public number push the matter, many netizens comment: @ Katsutoshi NIE to meet such a good teacher is very lucky; @ around Xiaoming: such a good teacher, the school gave us a stack of yuan; @nice: such a teacher, worthy of respect; @Blacccckkk: junior high school teacher and I my math teacher, the students of our class to get wet in the rain, an umbrella out of school trip and trip, then became our class men of God; @ sleep three: in fact, do not know or a good teacher, school teacher more complain, now have become a nostalgic, or their language or their classic action, now think of think is cute. Save editor: Wu Yan相关的主题文章: