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The official four move to combat telecommunications fraud: phone real name transfer next to the original title: China combined strike telecommunications fraud for criminals under the ultimatum Beijing September 24 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Zhang Ni) the day before, the Supreme People’s court and the Supreme People’s Procuratorate, Ministry of public security and other six departments jointly issued "on the prevention and combating of telecommunication network the crime of fraud of the notice". According to the "notice" criminals, telecommunications fraud, before October 31st refused to surrender will be severely punished according to law, at the same time clear, before the end of this year to ensure that telecom phone real name rate reached 100%. Data figure: recently Guangdong police will 129 telecommunications fraud suspects escorted back to Guangzhou. China News Agency reporter Guangdong police photo of the 6 departments under the final "ultimatum" — Telecommunications fraud offenders will be severely punished for surrender to curb the development of telecommunications network fraud spread before the end of October, the "notice" stressed that the public security organs should take the initiative to the telecommunications network fraud cases as a criminal case in accordance with the law, focused on the detection of a number of cases and destroyed a number of criminal gangs, regulation of a number of key areas, and resolutely pulled out a number of regional occupation of telecommunications network fraud "nails". For the implementation of the telecommunications network fraud crime, the 6 departments have the "ultimatum", "notice" clearly since the release date to October 31, 2016, voluntarily surrender, truthfully confessed his crimes, given a lighter or mitigated punishment prescribed in this case for refusing to surrender, will be severely punished according to law. Interpretation of the telecommunications network fraud involving a wide range of social impact and harm, so from the maintenance of public security and civil rights and interests of property, should be severely punished a type of fraud." China University of Political Science and Law Professor, criminal law expert Qi Lin Ruan Beijing (WeChat public number: cns2012) reporter analysis said that the telecommunications network fraud legally belongs to the crime of fraud, should be carried out in accordance with the relevant law conviction and sentencing "criminal law" provisions. Reporters noted that the telecommunications network fraud, in recent years, the judiciary has also made a corresponding adjustment. For example, in 2011, "two high judicial interpretation" made provisions on the punishment of attempted crime of fraud, provides a clear basis for the specification for the judicial organs according to law to punish the telecommunications network fraud. Last November, the criminal law amendment (nine) also clearly leaked personal information into the criminal. In Ruan Qilin view, because criminals usually are organized to places and even transnational fraud, and generally have a set of means of crime, to fight more difficult, especially the difficulty of reconnaissance, evidence links, so the future should put more effort in this field, improve the detection rate. Mobile phone real name system to advance the implementation of telecom enterprise — to ensure that this year before the end of the phone real name rate 100% "notice" requirements, telecom enterprises should strictly implement the true identity of the phone user information registration system, to ensure that before the end of October 2016 all the phone real name rate reached 96%, before the end of the year to reach 100%. No real name registration units and individuals should be required to carry out the real name of the phone registration, the registration of real identity information is not completed within the specified time, shall be Jun相关的主题文章: