The new supervisor Ming formally implemented four takeaway platform bright card rate of nearly 100%–stellarium

The new supervisor Ming formally implemented four takeaway platform bright card rate of nearly 100%- Sohu news Beijing News News (reporter Li Tingting) since October 1st, the State Administration of food and drug supervision network "violations of food safety and measures" formally implemented. Reporters today from the Beijing food and drug administration was informed that, as at 12 o’clock on September 30th, Baidu, hungry Mody, home food will be bright card rate of nearly 100%. According to the network monitoring center statistics, Baidu, the U.S. group, hungry, the home will be four delicacy online ordering platform, there are more than 58 thousand stores in Beijing, where Baidu takeaway, hungry, the home will delicacy Beijing area store bright card publicity rate close to 100%. The group still has more than 500 licenses have not publicized the reporter learned that, since August 10th, illegal clues Beijing food and Drug Administration held a total of three times of several network ordering platform for people to participate in the briefing, Baidu, the U.S. group, hungry 13 network platform is offline more than all kinds of non qualified shops, general license the publicity rate from 3? 15 period is almost zero, up to 98.8%. At the same time, as at 12 o’clock on September 30th, the United States mission still has 503 stores in accordance with the law does not disclose the food business license information. Beijing food and Drug Administration food market supervision department director Li Jiang said, not for public license, has been on the afternoon of September 29th on the relevant platform issued a notice on the individual platform did not fulfill publicity obligations without qualification review and shop offline obligations, People’s Republic of China will be based on the "food safety law" and the "measures" to investigate violations of food network to be safe, strictly and severely punished. For regulatory measures, Li Jiang said, will strictly implement the compulsory license bright card, especially the thorough investigation of the million households without qualification has been offline businesses are using the platform on the line re opened; and strictly investigate illegal production license processing range of ultra cold dish, decorative cake to eat food, aquatic products and other high risk food; will crack down on license fraud etc.. The three quarter of the three network ordering platform complaints more than 400 pieces according to statistics, Beijing city food and drug Complaint Center (12331) in September received a total of about Baidu, the U.S. group, hungry complaints ordering platform 13 network report 159, three complaints were the number of ordering platform in more than 50. The complaint to reflect the main problems still exist is not clean, platform takeaway meals unsanitary, foreign body etc.. For example, some consumers are reflected by the three single takeaway platform meals found in the body; and reflect consumers by ordering platform orders food ingredients are fresh and other issues have been deteriorating. As at 12 o’clock on September 30th, in the routine monitoring of the United States found that the United States to take away the platform suspected of false information publicity documents 21. For example: the U.S. nominal Juewei duck neck (gyoketsu shop) shops, nominal catering units as "Beijing Juewei duck neck catering management limited liability company, the issuing authority for the" Beijing Municipal Food and Drug Administration Bureau of Lugou Bridge ", it is understood that the food and Drug Administration and the" Lugou Bridge branch "mechanism. At the same time, "the edge of Hunan restaurant, Shaxian County snacks",.相关的主题文章: