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The new Hualian head Fu in the three sections of advanced construction history of resourceful about 70000000000 commercial territory hot column capital flows thousands of thousands of stocks the latest Rating Rating diagnosis simulated trading client sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to guide private enterprises to participate you earn you can make you my Securities Times reporter Li Manning Zhang Qianyao a native you, why in the cracks in the market competition by zero, the rapid fission of about 70000000000 huge monster? Diversified capital bigger, stronger, is the epitome of the development of the new Hualian Group, the typical path is domestic private enterprise growth. The day before, Beijing bank semi annual report shows that the company’s two quarter lead new Hualian Holdings Limited ("new Hualian Holdings") holdings of 625 million shares, the shareholding ratio reached 4.93%, approaching placards line. Quietly the holdings of listed banks, the new Hualian Group investment layout and then drop a child. As of now, the group at the helm, chairman and President Fu Jun, through the second levels the first level, the direct control of the feldspar investment, indirect control of the new Hualian holdings, A shares of listed companies have actual control of the new Hualian (000620), the Hong Kong stock company (0492.HK) and new text brigade Dongyue Group (0189.HK), in addition, also at the same time shares at least 10 overseas listed companies or new board listed company. According to e, the Securities Times reporter to incomplete statistics, Fu Jun under enterprise level over 7 layer, the following three companies total more than 100. Data show that the new Hualian Group last year’s revenue of 60 billion 500 million yuan, total assets reached 73 billion 600 million yuan at the end of the year. Listing platform linkage transformation in the new Hualian Group "advanced history" can be divided into three stages: has entered the real estate, chemical industry and energy industry, a solid foundation; then to "industrial + investment", the layout of the capital market; now to the brigade, financial and other emerging industrial upgrading, has gradually formed a "multi structure estate + paper travel + finance". In the path selection, the new Hualian Group adhere to the acquisition and independent investment simultaneously. In recent years, the new Hualian Group Diversification pace significantly accelerated, especially in the Fu firmly grasp the 2 listed company control, in the transition to the direction of travel. The evening of July 26th this year, the new Hualian issued notice renamed "new Hualian, real estate Limited by Share Ltd was renamed the Limited by Share Ltd New Hualian cultural tourism development". The development of the core business of real estate new Hualian Hualian Group mainly engaged in the new company, July 2011 backdoor S*ST listed St. Francis, then gradually from the traditional real estate enterprises to comprehensive transformation of cultural tourism developers. At present, the major shareholder of Xinhua joint holding 57.79% of the shares held by the company. For the expansion of overseas capital financing platform, in April last year, a wholly owned subsidiary of new Hualian Hualian International’s new landmark intends to HK $550 million acquisition of Jinliufu JLF BVI holds 50.41% of the shares of investment. JLF BVI is the new Hualian Group "was the company, the actual controller Wu Xiangdong and Fu Jun as a natural association. It is understood that Wu Xiangdong is the brother-in-law Fu Jun. As early as in 2007, Fu Jun once talked about相关的主题文章: