The nets Bowmaster next season in the playoffs to maintain the performance of Rio (video)

The nets Bowmaster: next season into the playoffs for Rio Berg Bogdanovic to keep the season top ball sports news in the summer of September 13th Tencent Berger Rio Olympics shine Croatia defender Bo Yang’s Darrow said that next season, the nets have the opportunity to enter the playoffs. The midfielder for team to the playoffs "I think we can make the playoffs." 27 year old Bogdanovic told the New York post, reporters love to write what to write. But we’ll try to do our best. When we step into a game, we have the chance to beat anyone. It’s hard, but if we work hard, we’ll still have a chance." Bogdanovic at the Rio olympics game can shoot down 25.3 points, are better than in the past twenty years all the players to participate in the Olympic Games, he is the PER value of 19.2 in the Olympic Games can be ranked fourth, only Kevin – Durant, Paul – Gasol and Carney – the man, Lithuania Tethys taller than him. "It was a wonderful experience in Rio, with great players like Boulter and Selena -, and my team mates in Croatia in a stadium." Bogdanovic said, this is a good experience for us, because many people did not expect us to rio." "A lot of people out of the national team, do not want to play, we have a very young team, and we replaced the coach, we started to play better, the coach gave me a lot of room to play. That’s why we played so well this summer." Last season, Bogdanovich’s three hit rate climbed from 32% to 42%. Averaged 15.2 points in the game after Joe – Johnson’s departure, and he was more confident on the court. A regular season game in March this year, Bogdanovich scored 44 points to help the Nets beat a team of 76 people. "I hope I can make progress. When Joe left last season, I got a lot more time to play, I was able to play in every game and I got more influence on the court." Bogdanovic said, "I hope we will play better this season and I will stay at the level of last season." The nets also hope so, offensive assistant Chris – Fleming in the Rio Olympic qualifying period flew to Croatia and talked about Dannuo dimensional berger. "He came before qualifying, I train with him for a few weeks" Bogdanovich said, "and he is very good with time, we can understand each other, understand the situation of Broolyn, we want to know what kind of ball next season, what kind of things to do." "We focus on training I dribble. I know I have to improve every aspect of my game. Next season I should be playing as low as I did in rio. There are many areas that need to be strengthened through training, such as enhancing persistence and overcoming the ups and downs of the state." (Majiabao) copyright statement: This article is an exclusive copy of Tencent sports, unauthorized, shall not be reproduced, or will be held liable.相关的主题文章: