The net under the traditional life of the gift of nature is the most delicious 3u8895

The net under the traditional life of the gift of nature is the best fishing net. Hainan Daily reporter Li Congjiao photo sky, crowds, resounding chant lingering cloud sail fishing. In the sea of life people have deep love for the sea; people have not seen the sea, the sea has infinite longing. Thousands of people together, the singing passion, joy of harvest dragnet. "Go to the seaside, go to net!" How much fun of the harvest! The sea and blue sky nets under the traditional life of endless rippling in remote distance on the eastern outskirts of the coastal fishermen generations Yu Wenchang Huang Lianghui from the ship out of the net, net 6 meters in width, the length of the km. "People who work by the sea, often with the help of changes in the weather." Huang Lianghui said, the fishermen fear and depends on the sea, the sea, it is necessary to use the dragnet fishing sea tides. "At the time when the net, net that catches up just enough, enough effort." Dragnet fishing as fishermen’s traditional way of life, has experienced the historical evolution and 2000 years of innovation and development. A big net scatters, along with the fluctuation of the sea water and the fish’s wandering, the harvest is more natural variables. With the development of science and technology, the fishermen fishing is more advanced, by means of mechanical net saves time and effort, but the traditional net has become the tourist experience seaside dragnet tools become fashionable sport fishing style and recreational people experience the city, carrying people to commemorate the original fishing life, is also a fishing culture is a unique landscape. A net in the eastern suburbs of the sea, just graduated from a high school student with the help of Huang Lianghui shed large nets. The tide coast exposed more sand, shells, seaweed, jellyfish…… These common sea creatures, clouds on the beach to pick up these sea treasure will become a pleasure. "We grew up on the beach, although accustomed to the sea, but every time the sea can always give us a different experience!" Now, high school graduates have received that Xu Zhen university admission notice, this time we also bid farewell to the high school class reunion, the upcoming college life memorial. TLIDEA play, a group of students jumping at the seaside in hand, leaving the image of youth. Have the nets, along with the rising tide more light up on the shore, pulling the rope of the students, from time to time to try to pull a pull rope, look forward to the harvest net. "Can the net!" With Huang Lianghui’s order, the students were playing on the beach just around the edge of the net, this is a very exciting moment! Follow the command of Huang Lianghui, the students in the nets on both sides of the row of ten to fifteen people, dragging the net walking on the shore. "We do not rotate the rotation of the chaos, the back of the students in turn to the front!" Seeing the black net gradually out of the sea, more and more network let the students pull up more difficult. In order to prevent the fish on both sides of the people began to flee, the intermediate cross walk)相关的主题文章: