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The National Day holiday, Nantong Haimen attractions to attract tourists 120 thousand passengers, Jiangsu windows — original title: National Day holiday Haimen attractions to attract tourists 120 thousand passengers for the day before yesterday, a group of tourists in the park with. National Day holiday, many people go out, car crowded car to see people, not as good as the tourist attractions at home to play, save time and effort and leisure, becoming the first choice for many people. Reporter Dai Yuehua photo during the national day weather accounted for much, many people are out of the house, outing. Yesterday, the reporter learned from the Municipal Tourism Bureau, the city’s major tourist attractions in the eleven golden week launched a variety of theme activities, attracted a total of 120 thousand foreign tourists and local visitors. "Eleven" golden week, Haimen port district to hold air music experience tour activities. According to statistics, 7 days holiday, a total of more than 40 thousand visitors tour of Haimen Port District, the new hotel, hotel full every day. From September to October, Haimen port district launched the "golden Qiuli Shandong Ya music experience tour" series of activities held the golden Kite Festival, Binhai aeromodelling Festival, country music festival, healthy riding Festival, attracts a lot of tourists. In October 4th, the New District Longqiao an invigorating autumn climate, Haimen, full of tourists. Public Ma family is to play the car has not near Longqiao, Qiao, was to frighten the long queues of vehicles. Too many tourists, Mr. Ma can only choose to go to Forest Park to play, kite flying experience, fun picnic. At noon that day, a hotel in Haimen Port District, ushered in the 21 table of tourists in Shanghai. The boss said, Dong Zao Harbor Seafood has always been very famous, Fengnianguojie, there is always a lot of people come here to Shanghai to taste authentic seafood feast, this holiday, every meal, the restaurant are very busy, a box of two or three to receive a number of tourists at noon. According to Haimen port district activities related to the person in charge: "Haimen port district currently has more mature tourist routes, through cooperation with travel agencies, launched a two day tour, day tour, content is very rich, have a certain source. Especially Gourmet Tour, but also attracted a lot of repeat customers." As a national 4A scenic Dieshiqiao International Home Textile City, the holiday also attracted many businessmen and tourist shopping crowd. The reporter learned from the Haimen Industrial Park, "eleven" golden week is Dieshiqiao textile city tourists during the peak period, the more than and 200 travel agencies in advance to Dieshiqiao inspection lines, and tour shopping tour in the National Day period. During the holidays, Dieshiqiao international home textile almost all shops are normal business. During the holidays, the reporter also visited some of the farmhouse ecological farm, found a lot of vehicles parked in the farm, many tourists. Haimen Port District Jin Wu Ye ecological farm, during the holidays, in addition to weddings, also received dozens of visitors. Tourists in the farm, you can go fishing, you can take a walk, you can watch the black swan, enjoy the fun of slow life. Changle official island ecological leisure farm, Haimen Port District Golden Sea Happy Town, three factory, Luyuan Haimen high tech Zone Jinsheng tianlaicun loquat garden and a number of tourist attractions in the golden week is a hot. Many people enjoy the experience of playing music, said the people on the road far more cars, see the full view相关的主题文章: