The Nandujiang River embankment and illegal sand mining when Hugh multiple collapse kept hidden-unfccc

The Nandujiang River embankment and illegal sand mining when Hugh collapse many illegal sand river in Wenchang and kept hidden "if this digging down, sooner or later swallowed by river, there are thousands of villagers living nearby, the consequences will be unimaginable." 18, Wenchang City Dong Ge Zhen Hong Xing Cun Wei Hui villagers to the Southern Metropolis Daily reported, located in the village of mouth village river, a quarry in the long river sand mining operations, resulting in the riverbed was hollowed out, many embankment collapse. The local government said, has repeatedly hit, even seized a number of mining equipment, "was banned, not long before they engage in a sneaky way." Wenchang Municipal Bureau of the person in charge of receiving the reporter to reflect the situation that strengthen supervision, once found the sand acts will be processed. Southern Metropolis Daily reporter Wang Yuwen map at the homes of villagers from the collapse of the embankment is less than 200 meters place: Hongxing Village East Court town will Liukeng village villagers said the river and illegal sand excavation 10 years "of their illegal sand excavation for 10 years, the river emptied, on both sides of the river are sinking, we this village has many collapsed embankment on the tree fell into the river." Recently, Wenchang City Dong Ge Zhen Hong Xing Cun Wei Hui Liukeng village some villagers said to reporters reflect, from the embankment collapse villagers home recently distance less than 200 meters, if Hainan happen again like last October as a flood, will endanger the safety of life and property of the villagers. Mr. Fu Village, Liukeng village, village mouth is located upstream of river basin culture area, a long time ago, villagers in the river cut fish live. The beginning of 2006, some have built illegal quarry in the village of upper, and kept pumping sand in the river, the river on both sides of empty days and months multiplying, resulting in continuous collapse of embankment. For a long time, the villagers continue to report to the government and the competent authorities to reflect, but the problem has not been completely resolved." The villagers told reporters that the relevant departments to check, also banned before Sunaba, but soon began, illegal sand mining behavior can not be radical. If you dig down like this, the bank will be swallowed up sooner or later. The number of the collapse led the villagers worried the reporter under the guidance of the villagers to see the scene. One avenue before Bao Fang Guan Qu, a sand road is particularly conspicuous. "As long as I heard the unit to check, Sunaba will put the sand piled high, do not let the vehicle into." Villagers Mr. Fu said that because of over exploitation, now pumping up the sand has been fine as the soil. Because of the deep sand sand road, the vehicle can not enter the general sand field. Reporter walked along the sand road about 5 minutes, only to see the sand. Sunaba in cultural riverbank now, five or six trucks parked. The same day, the quarry do not know what reason, stop pumping sand. A few days ago, every day, especially the overnight pumping noise is very large, seriously affecting our rest." The villagers said. The villagers took reporters to see the many banks, both subsidence and collapse condition. Another villager standing in the bed of a mound told reporters that there is sand embankment collapsed down, "here are the original bamboo now.相关的主题文章: