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The movie "monk city" concept poster exposure file October 11th – Sohu entertainment movie "monk city" concept poster exposure Sohu entertainment news by Chi Hung Wu, producer Chen Sirui, producer Liu Anran, director Zhang Leitao’s movie "monk city" today officially exposed concept poster. Asian popular star Gu Yapeng, the famous comedian Fan Jun, Feng Gong Cao Suifeng, the apprentice Hongkong comedian "such as Li Jianren and Zhang Lang, Xuanyuan cutting-edge actor starred in the upcoming October 11th, to meet with you. The movie "monk city" by Henan Maigao film culture media Co. Ltd., Beijing Rui? Film culture media Co. Ltd., Henan Lin Chan culture dissemination limited company produced; Advertising Co. Ltd, Henan Zhengzhou Xingzhe Pfister film culture media Co. Ltd, Henan Dong Xi both film Investment Co. Ltd., Henan Ru Peng film culture media Co. joint production, Beijing? Rui film culture media Co. issued publicity. Today, the movie "monk city" released the film side first concept poster, very magical, fans were called "the most handsome monk" in ancient Asia Peng hands together, standing in the desert, behind is to hit at a crucial moment, thousands upon thousands of horses and soldiers, on the occasion, Gu Yapeng was sure foguangpuzhao, "a bowl in hand, time and space walk" poster theme with mystery, it is reverie. The movie "monk city" tells the story of Guanyin Temple in Taishan was reported in the media found a purple golden handed down, is said to be the legacy of the ancient Buddha, and magic. A monk, a disguised bandits, eager to save the mother ", a touch of Zen" Temple "most handsome monk", each to be selfish but for the bowl, bowl of white light trigger inhalation, there was a fantasy through the journey. It is reported that the movie monk into the city will be officially released on October 11th.相关的主题文章: