The movie I’m here, the first exposure to subvert the subversion of the traditional romantic

The movie "I also notice" first exposure to subvert the traditional romantic martial arts entertainment poster Sohu – Sohu entertainment news today, by Wan Yi Hop days produced, Zhu Ziqi (old wet) served as screenwriter, director and starring martial arts film series "personally" I also ", the first official exposure notice. It is reported that the film will be officially released on November 22nd. The chivalrous stunt "I also" subversion of the traditional martial arts romantic chivalrous me though born marketplace, but heavy commitment, loyalty, light of life and death. The trailer today exposed, in the darkness of a mysterious man in black knife after opening, the one eyed man as "I" for rescuer rights inone Sima killed in a power struggle, were forced to embark on the road of exile. Notice, I also have excellent martial arts, but ugly in appearance, white linen around the eye, look sloppy rustic, and the martial arts drama, both intelligent and courageous anger from the prestige of the strong contrast of heroes. But I have special skills, the backhand blade often reach the acme of perfection in a public enemy, and his sword cut in points between. I also put a knife to kill the cold-blooded simply, but also has a pair of human life by themselves ready to do boldly what is righteous, but asked to save the son, people can not help but to the pinch khan. Gambling money comes to the beauty of the current turmoil not only ugly in appearance to subvert the traditional, I also notice to gambling, although blind but in gambling operation; in the face of money when I come into the net, being the killer, but staged holding fange. Another point is also to my groove lust, beauty of the zhaodanquanshou. In the face of childhood love small Rong, I also can’t covet beauty pornography; and and the innkeeper’s daughter, also staged a wet temptation, Zhu Ziqi (old wet) for the first time, upper body naked, two picture is quite eclectic. Zhu Ziqi (old wet) mountains in November 22nd officially launched movie series "I also" is divided into six, as hundreds of millions of people from the media on a short video of Zhu Ziqi (old wet) mountains, for the first time force starring, director and screenwriter, and starring in a body, not yet reflected has received unprecedented attention of fans. It is reported that the series of movies, I will also be added to the calendar in November 22nd officially released.相关的主题文章: