The most popular 4C light pretty queen or toilet paper-k-boxing

The most popular "4C light" pretty queen or toilet paper? The cheek area: the mirror smile, smile eyes looking for muscle lateral uplift due to smile, smile to smile on the zygomatic muscle move is blush brush position, while the high light area above the blush region. T word area: high light T region is also common, it contains the forehead, nose and chin. Finally, don’t forget at the mouth of the nasolabial folds also play some high light. High light texture to choose? High light texture has two kinds, one is based on the detailed implicit pearl powder, it is suitable for daily makeup. Another kind is the color with sequins, super flash, as if the diamond is dazzling, dress up party queen a good helper. According to the selection of high light color: warm skin in the choice of high light color, warm baby the best selection of cream or gold, the two color with the color of their skin is relatively close, painted this color brightening effect will be more natural! Cool skin: unlike warm skin, blue and purple color more suitable for cold baby use, apply these two colors can make the skin look more white! Neutral color for the neutral skin is not cold or warm, high light pink would be a good choice, in a prominent facial features in stereo but also make you look good fried chicken!

当下最流行的“4C高光”美若天仙or卫生纸女王?  脸颊区: 对着镜子微笑,寻找微笑时两眼外侧隆起的笑肌,因笑容移动到颧骨上的笑肌即是刷腮红的位置,而高光区域则在腮红区域的上方。  T 字区: T区也是常见的高光区域,它包含额头、鼻梁及下颌。最后,别忘记在嘴角的法令纹处也打一些高光。  高光质地怎么选?  高光的质感有两类,一类是以细致含蓄的珠光粉末为主,很适合日常妆。  另外一类是带有彩色亮片,超大超闪,仿佛钻石的灿烂夺目,是妆扮party queen的好帮手。  按肤色挑选高光  皮肤偏暖:在选择高光粉的时候,肤色偏暖的宝宝最好选米色或者金色,这两个颜色跟自己皮肤颜色比较接近,涂上这样的颜色提亮效果会更自然!  皮肤偏冷:跟暖皮不同,蓝色和紫色比较适合肤色偏冷的宝宝使用,涂上这两个颜色能让皮肤看起来更白喔!  中性肤色 对于不冷不暖的中性肤色,偏粉红色的高光粉会是个不错的选择,在突出五官立体感的同时还能让你的气色看起来炒鸡好呢!相关的主题文章: