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The most of the 20 years! The U.S. military will be a large number of ammunition shipped to Europe – Beijing, the U.S. military announced that 9 at the end of October, has been to Europe again a shipment of ammunition, the number of the most recent 20 years, the aim is to "deterrence". Although the United States did not specify who is the object of deterrence, but the media reported that it was generally linked with russia. The relationship between NATO led by the United States and Russia once again aroused concern. The largest number of ammunition, according to the U.S. military statement, at least 620 fully loaded containers shipped from the United States to the port of Norden Hamm in northern Germany, and then transported by train to the u.s.. The ammunition is expected to be distributed to different parts of europe. The Fawkes news channel reported that the military, although the statement did not specify the number and type of this batch of ammunition, but the commander of the army in Europe? But the words of Hodges revealed that one may have a tank shell. In the military statement, Hodges said: "we can have 1000 tanks there, but if we do not provide them with ammunition, these tanks will not play any deterrent effect." According to Russia’s "satellite" news agency reported that the allocation of these ammunition from the white house. Earlier, the White House has 4 times to raise the amount of funding for the protection of European security, and ultimately to $3 billion 400 million. Satellite news agency said that this batch of ammunition will support the third brigade of the U.S. Army for the team to promote the the Atlantic determination to play a role. 2014, the United States and NATO to take advantage of the situation in Ukraine began to implement the the Atlantic determination to strengthen the military presence in the Baltic and Eastern europe. "Satellite" news agency also disclosed that the U.S. Army Europe second cavalry troops will receive a number of new arms in May 2018, including Stryker type M1126 equipped with a new 30 mm caliber cannon upgrade carriers. In February this year, the U.S. military has more than 5 thousand tons of ammunition shipped to Germany, including small arms, combat vehicles, ammunition and artillery, a total of 415 cases, then known as the most in the past 10 years". Who is the deterrent? Hodges said in a statement, the ammunition transport related deterrence". U.S. lieutenant colonel Brad Calligan is? This is called the ultimate security zone". Culligan said in a statement, the ammunition transport to achieve the theater ammunition resupply, will make the European theater ready for any type of exercise in the future or possible tasks". He stressed that the United States will continue to strengthen its military presence in Europe, "which will assure our allies, while providing the common defense needs of europe". "Satellite" news agency pointed out that, regardless of ammunition or the White House on European security funding for the "imaginary threat from russia". Earlier, NATO led by the United States has repeatedly increased military presence in central and Eastern europe. In July this year, NATO leaders decided to deploy to the Baltic States and Poland 4 camp, a total of about 1000 multinational troops. The four countries are close to russia. Analysts pointed out that the cold war ended 20)相关的主题文章: