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Become the most beautiful barber grandma song Fa Hai Yan scared four –   entertainment Sohu laoliang umbrella; the most beautiful hair grandma Sohu entertainment news this Sunday night 21:10 Liaoning TV "China family" from Hangzhou to Yuhang will usher in a paper umbrella and Dalian’s most beautiful open a barber milk milk. "Happy meal" small grains of rice Rice played Zhao Nina, their host Yu Yang led a group of family fun "China family" stage. What is the situation that laoliang played him? What is the song through time, the changes of the times meanders, stunning the audience? Umbrella family interpretation artisan spirit of this program, the magnificent umbrella let the audience and guests love, frequently praise, detailed scenic Jiangnan shows in the beautiful umbrella on the most incisive.. From Zhejiang Yuhang folk paper umbrella craftsman a thin about the production process, the development process of oil paper umbrella, let laoliang lamented that this is not just an object can be used, it is a carrier of history!" Umbrella craftsman grandpa tells how the past let the audience have moved, even laoliang also explained the "umbrella" image in the Chinese culture in the field? Umbrella production technology is facing the situation of how to let young people return to traditional handicraft heritage, "women" and "men" in the umbrella making what is the difference? Feng Xiaoquan, the girls were under a small umbrella singing "umbrella" picture of how sweet? How is the situation and let the old beam play makes Feng Xiaoquan even sing him, who you do not know love? The most beautiful hair grandma song Yan scared four a hefatongyan grandmother at this stage is very eye-catching. Elegant manners and a "flying camp a lark" opening stunning four. This is grandma tells the story of G.lucidum estrous Premier Zhou taught her to sing "Liuyang River" in the past, call her "little devil" the prime minister kindly asked her to let her remember the problem for decades? The prime minister died shortly after in Hongzhi wrote a song "Premier Zhou taught me to sing good Liuyang River", she said, Yu Hongzhi will sing the song. The grandmother after retirement, started a free haircut for others, in the Hongzhi adhere to the nearest thirty years. Yu Hongzhi began to learn how to give someone else’s haircut is free to experience the opportunity to start a symbolic fee? Lei Feng Laoliang for G.lucidum grandma free things to others have proposed how the proposal let all agree? Grandma was young, in the era of the United States did not have the picture, what kind of old photos stunning audience? It is worth mentioning that half a month ago Liaoning TV "happy family" 2017 key resources promotion will be held in Beijing, in the promotion conference, the 2017 Liaoning TV Spring Festival general director Wang Zixuan introduced the "Chinese family", including the original high quality program. "Chinese family" to explore the family traditions and attention is now a variety of clean, warm in a reflection in the education full of entertainment. Want to see the old days of the beauty, exquisite paper umbrella, smashing the beauty and simplicity of profound artisan spirit? Please pay attention to the Sunday night 21:10 Liaoning TV "Chinese family".相关的主题文章: