The media enterprises in Europe buy buy buy the acquisition of new network in the world without end

The media enterprises in Europe "buy buy buy": the acquisition of desire like new network world without end – Reference News Network October 1st, Hong Kong media reported that from the football club to the robot factory, and then to the private banking business to buy, Chinese European assets desire seems to be world without end. According to Hongkong’s "South China Morning Post" website reported on September 26th, in Europe, on the one hand, China panic buying European assets for them is a good deal; on the other hand, they are increasingly worried about Chinese will best buy europe. Last year, Beijing announced the China made 2025 action initiative, which is an ambitious plan to promote China to become a world power in 10 years. Since then, this complex sentiment in Europe further intensified. The European Union Chamber of Commerce in China has held a round table meeting to discuss the industrial revolution in china". The president of the European Chamber of Commerce Chinese Joerg Wu said: "looks like a Turk? Chinese was holding a shopping list is very long." He said that this may exacerbate the outside world, "Red China will buy Europe" concerns. In May this year, China appliance manufacturers Midea Group announced the acquisition of German robot maker KUKA after the controversy. This is one of China’s largest investment in europe. Wuttke said: "for Chinese investors, the purchase of European airports is normal, but it is difficult to imagine European companies doing the same thing in china." He has been calling for equal treatment for European companies in china. The European Union Chamber of Commerce Chinese annual report released this month, so far this year, Chinese enterprise investment in Europe has reached 110 cases, whether completed or upcoming investment case, "this is a very strong year". The report said the economic downturn, unfriendly treatment and the RMB exchange rate fluctuations in the test of European companies in china. Reported that after the European sovereign debt crisis in Europe, especially in China’s private and public enterprises become more money, the European corporate assets are increasingly attractive to Chinese enterprises. China has now become the world’s second largest economy. European companies have become the most popular target for Chinese companies, the acquisition of them can diversify their investment and become a shortcut to enhance the value chain. The general manager of Zhejiang Tonglu County high luggage maker Holdings Limited Pan Aifang made a wise choice in 2011, seized the acquisition of 1993 was founded in Antwerp in Belgium haygreen brand opportunities. Pan Aifang said: in 2008 the global financial crisis swept overseas markets, our exports fell sharply. This allows us to recognize the OEM production mode, we are in the low-end of the value chain, in each round of market volatility, destined to be the greatest impact." Since then, high holding began looking for opportunities to buy ready-made brand, and the emphasis shifted from low value-added OEM production mode. In 2011 the European debt crisis brings opportunities to it, the company did not hesitate to buy a brand haygreen. Pan Aifang said that after spending $60 million to acquire the company to upgrade its own market相关的主题文章: