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The marriage rate ranking in Henan ranked the first followed by Sichuan review: every festival is forced, a wave of three kinds of nuns have been on the road, forced forced and anti tug of war will be staged. The day before, Chinese Next Generation Committee of Health Sports Development Center issued a "China marriage status report", the results show: more than 70% of the respondents had been forced parents, 25 to 35 year olds of maximum pressure, was forced rate as high as 86%, women were forced to rate 6% higher than men. Even 3% of the young people, not to the legal age of marriage, was forced parents. The easy, forced to prevent, to let everyone have a good year, especially to dedicate this article to worry about forced single parents, anti forced Raiders help you have a happy new year, the first thing to say is China next generation working committee, perhaps many people have never heard of, but really is this committee: Chinese Next Generation Working Committee referred to as: China cycc) in the 2 period in 1990 the CPC Central Committee and the State Council approved the establishment of. The Chinese Committee of work is a mass work organization aiming at organizing the old comrades to concern and educate the next generation. After the transformation of China’s reform and opening up in 1992, the working committee was officially transformed into a social organization. "Investigation report" Chinese forced according to the present situation of the results of 1000 sample survey of domestic young people under 40 years old in each city are the "characteristics" and the rate of forced forced reason cannot get married around the country was forced down down down rate above 70%, the most serious forced phenomenon is Henan, second Sichuan, third Shandong. Beijing, Shanghai and other first-tier cities forced rate is relatively low. Sichuan forced parents what characteristics? Survey shows that Sichuan parents love the family together, and launched the siege tactics; Shanghai parents are good at words like "Tang Seng forced nagging, chanting"; Guangxi parents is the "doer", forced shots arrange a blind date for children to solve marriage. Parents forced four strokes "Nirvana" including inculcate, mobilize friends and family pressure, and forced to arrange a severe reprimand, children "move", to express distress, subject, accept the date to pretend to have responded to the object. Again, why are so many people single? More than 70% of the young people feel that the usual units and homes on both sides of the line, simply can not encounter the opposite sex, coupled with busy daily work, rarely participate in some social entertainment activities, where the opportunity to talk about the object. However, even if you have tens of thousands of a "legitimate" reasons, parents does not care about these details of three kinds of nuns they only care about the results. Then, to the problem ~ how you answer these questions? Let’s talk about it. I don’t know if you’re ready after reading it Love and marriage are not as beautiful as fairy tales, but not as simple and casual as buying food at the fair. When children have ideas about love and marriage, they should actively communicate with their parents and get their understanding. Escape after all is not the solution to the problem; in addition, parents and those laws also don’t worry, it will be very easy to get 5

各省逼婚率排行榜出炉 河南居榜首四川紧随其后   导读:每逢佳节被逼婚,一大波三姑六婆已在路上,逼婚与反逼婚的拉锯战即将上演。日前,中国关心下一代工作委员会健康体育发展中心发布《中国逼 婚现状调查报告》 ,结果显示:逾七成受访者曾被父母逼婚,25至35岁的青年压力最大,被逼婚率高达86%,女性被逼婚率比男性高6%。甚至有3%的青年,还未到法定结婚 年龄,就被父母逼婚了。   年关易过,逼婚难防,为了让大家过一个好年,特将此文献给为逼婚而烦恼的单身亲们,反逼婚攻略助你过一个愉快的新年~   首先要说的是中国关心下一代工作委员会,也许不少人没听说过,但真的有这个委员会:中国关心下一代工作委员会简称:中国关工委)于1990年2月经党中央国务院批准成立。中国关工委是以组织老同志,来进行关心、教育下一代的工作为目的的群众性工作组织。1992年中国改革开放转型后,关工委正式转型成社会团体组织。   《中国逼婚现状调查报告》针对国内40岁以下青年每个城市1000份样本调查结果列举了各省逼婚率逼婚“特色”以及无法结婚的原因↓↓↓   全国各地被逼婚率均在70%以上,逼婚现象最严重的是河南,第二是四川,第三是山东。北京上海等一线城市的逼婚率相对较低。   四川父母逼婚有什么特点?调查显示,四川父母喜欢全家齐上阵,发动亲朋围攻战术;上海父母擅长用言语唠叨逼婚,就像“唐僧念经”一样;广西父母则是“实干派”,强行做主为子女安排相亲,解决婚姻大事。   父母逼婚的四招“必杀技”包括谆谆教诲、发动亲朋好友施压、强行安排相亲以及严厉申斥,子女则“见招拆招”,以表示苦恼、转移话题、接受相亲到假装有对象来回应。   话说回来,为什么那么多人单身呢?   高达七成以上的年轻人觉得,平时单位和家就两点一线,根本遇不到异性,加之日常工作繁忙,很少参与一些社交娱乐活动,哪儿来的谈对象机会。   不过,即便你有成千上万个“正当”理由父母以及三姑六婆们是不会在意这些细节的他们只关心结果。那么,问题来了~这些逼问你怎么答呢?一起探讨下吧~ 看完以后不知道你准备好没?   爱情和婚姻尽管并不像童话里那样美好,但也不像到集市上买菜那样简单和随意。当儿女对爱情和婚姻有什么想法时,要主动和父母进行沟通交流,得到 他们的理解。逃避终究不是解决问题的办法;另外,父母双亲以及那些七大姑八大姨也不要过于“操心”,否则很容易适得其反,让孩子对春节回家产生恐惧。   原标题:各省逼婚率排行榜出炉 河南居榜首四川紧随其后 责任编辑:徐童 SN155相关的主题文章: