The man was introduced as a military commissar purchasing munitions cheated 40 thousand yuan Beijing avbox

The man was introduced as a "military commissar" purchasing munitions cheated 40 thousand yuan – Beijing, northeast news network November 2nd shop operators, the most happy is the sale of the door, scammers will use this kind of psychological operators, pretend and shops cooperation, after obtaining the trust, let it help to advance funds to buy goods, then the money cheated. Although this trick is not new tricks, but there are shops frequently fooled. A friend, can earn more than 9 points in October 12th spread readily agreed, in the village shop, Song Hongfu (a pseudonym) received a phone call from a friend, a friend said: "just now" Daqing military commissar "call me, said they wanted to print a number of things you want to do this business?" "is a good thing, of course I want to do!" said Song Hongfu. Friends will be "commissar" to call him, let him with "political commissar". Business door, Song Hongfu rushed to the "commissar" call: "I am your friend, print business units have heard to do." "Yes, we have to engage in the activities of the unit, the need to print some publicity." Political commissar said then need to be printed 120 thousand posters, 2600 brochure, Song Hongfu asked the price. Song Hongfu given price, political commissar and bargaining, the last two people made both parties were satisfied with the price. "Political commissar," he said in the field, the evening return to Daqing Song Hongfu shop, signed a contract with him. It’s going to be a big deal, Song Hongfu is happy. But then the "political commissar said:" the higher authorities to check, we must purchase 92 special types within a few days of military flashlight, our unit has provided office can not be in the field of purchases, but Daqing has no such a type of flashlight, can you help me buy? You can earn the difference from." Song Hongfu think this is easy, if you can mix with each other, the future business person can also think of themselves, but also can make the difference from, he readily agreed. Set the money go trap "commissar" disappeared "commissar" let Song Hongfu from Hebei Province, a lighting company in the purchase of military flashlights, and gave him the phone. Song Hongfu gave the phone call in the past, after consultations, the final price of 530 yuan each, the purchase of the of the 92 military flashlight LD. The other said you must pay 40 thousand yuan before the payment of goods shipped, Song Hongfu went to the bank to the other side of the past $40 thousand. The other said that the afternoon will be able to deliver. The meeting finished after the payment, Song Hongfu to the "commissar" call, tell him the military has ordered the torch is completed, two days can arrival. Political commissar said he was very happy, because you are delayed, don’t come back that night, two days to return to Daqing. But after two days, Song Hongfu did not receive the goods sent to the Hebei lighting company, he gave the boss of the Hebei lighting company call, but the other has been in a shutdown state. He gave the "commissar" call, did not expect the "commissar" can not contact, he this find cheated. Then Song Hongfu called his friend and told him about it.相关的主题文章: