The Macao originwater sewage treatment station upgrade project in Beijing-9c8921

The Macao originwater sewage treatment station upgrade project – Beijing originwater bid Macao sewage treatment plant upgrade project to speed up the pace into the international market in the new network on 31 August, the day before, Chinese environmental technology company originwater successfully take overseas sewage treatment station upgrade project, the company intends to move is a step to expand overseas business, also is Chinese innovative technology companies will reflect a spotlight on the international stage of momentum. In August, Beijing originwater company and WATERLEAU of Belgium, the Commonwealth, the "Macao cross-border industrial zone of the sewage treatment station upgrades, operation and maintenance project, bid amount of about one hundred and nine million (Macao), a service contract for a period of five years, after upgrading the sewage treatment station will use originwater MBR hollow fiber microfiltration membrane. Macao Cross-Border Industrial Zone sewage treatment station was founded in 2006, put into operation in 2009, the use of MBR membrane bioreactor process, the design of the scale of 12000 tons of sewage treatment. It is understood that the project in July in Macao Environmental Protection Bureau of public bidding, received a total of three bids, respectively, is a consortium of the Belgian WATERLEAU company and Beijing originwater company (WATERLEAU-ORIGINWATER), the Commonwealth of Beijing, Chengdu drainage drainage and well-being of the company and the composition of the new Macao, Huambo science and Technology Co., Ltd. and China Environmental Technology (Guangzhou) Consortium Limited to participate in the bidding. Evaluation results announced on August, the final WATERLEAU-ORIGINWATER stand out, successfully won the bid. Compared with the past two years as the general service contract, the service contract is for a period of five years, the company in addition to the daily operation and protection for building, and films on the MBR membrane group is replaced, but also need to build a pretreatment facility within 24 months, mud Qingzhou wastewater treatment plant tap water. To further optimize the processing capacity of the sewage station. Originwater technology is one of the innovative enterprises in the field of environmental protection China representatives also invited to attend the May this year held in Beijing National Science and Technology Innovation Conference, the General Assembly sounded Chinese construction of scientific and technological power in the world. In the past ten years of development, the domestic sewage treatment plant mentioned standard transformation and new rural construction of rural sewage treatment market is huge, there has been no substantive originwater force on expanding overseas business, more focus on the global forefront of technology and research institutions in the top water field of international joint research and development. With the The Belt and Road national strategic opportunities for the keen sense of smell, and accumulate their own talent reserves plan for success and experience in international cooperation, originwater is clearly to accelerate the pace of entering the international water market, including the July signed a memorandum of understanding with Pakistan in Punjab Province, and the August bid Macao Cross-Border Industrial Zone sewage treatment plant upgrade project, in addition recently, in Guangxi and the local leading enterprises to set up a joint venture company PPP water movement, is also the industry as its overseas development strategy will help pave the way to clean water source in Guangxi as the supporting point, to enter the ASEAN countries.相关的主题文章: