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"The Lost Castle" be long in coming online mode tomorrow launch area Lost Castle long promised "the Lost Castle" online multiplayer mode will be on the line, no longer need to worry about can not find a gay friend together in castle! "The Lost Castle" online about on-line strong demand for the majority of fans, "the Lost Castle" development team Hunter Studio to finish the game online multiplayer mode, which has long supported the feedback fans of the game player game also gradually achieve the development process, the most perfect degree. "The Lost Castle" online multiplayer mode completely retained the existing local multiplayer gaming experience, through the network to invite friends to cooperate, or help a friend to overcome the nightmare difficulty challenge, you’re not alone. This update also added additional 3 new items, 3 new pieces of armor and 13 new weapons! Come and experience the thrill of a new weapon with your friends! "The Lost Castle" online about on-line "the Lost Castle" multiplayer game is one of the characteristics of different from other rogue like games, cooperation and mutual digging brought challenges single game incomparable pleasure, it is worth mentioning that the number of enemy cooperative multiplayer game maze than in a single mode times, if your teammates killed, but you have to face the double challenges of high difficulty, alone, of course, you can also show a great game in front of friends. "The Lost Castle" online upcoming National Day holiday "the Lost Castle" online multiplayer mode has not been formally updated with friends to this excellent combination (PIT) as (teammate) the game gives you more friends to fight! Want to know more, please see our "Lost Castle" evaluation: "the Lost Castle": from all the long outstanding domestic single (source: gamesky editor: unhappy) Sina statement: posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description.相关的主题文章: