The launch of HTC custom machine, equipped with 810 Xiaolong and remove the 3.5mm headset hole techn gamelink

The launch of HTC custom machine, equipped with 810 Xiaolong and remove the 3.5mm headset hole – Sohu [Technews] HTC technology science news days ago in cooperation with the United States Sprint operators, launch customized machine "HTC Bolt", between HTC and M9 between the 10 specifications. Although the Bolt is an American guest machine, but this phone is also said to be almost the same specifications to launch the international version, while listed in Taiwan. Snapdragon 810 HTC Bolt is called "Bolt", because it is for the Sprint Cat 9 carrier aggregation network customized, powered by Qualcomm’s LTE modem special regulations, the highest theoretical speed of 450Mbps. In some tests, HTC Bolt and even 300MB LTE transmission speed to the world’s best sprinter Usain Bolt in the name of publicity, in fact, is the right choice. Appearance, HTC Bolt is generally based on the appearance of HTC 10, but the size is slightly larger, came to the 5.5 inch QHD screen. Bolt screen glass is better than HTC 10, Corelle fifth generation gorilla glass by July this year released only (Gorilla Glass 5), compared to 10 HTC of the third generation, the five generation has the anti scratch ability fell better. Other specifications, such as 3GB RAM 32GB ROM, and a 16 million pixel camera, support 4K video phase focus and OIS (UltuaPixel 2), although the overall point mix, but also in the high-end mobile phone today is roughly in line with expectations. The HTC Bolt generally uses the HTC 10 appearance, but slightly a little bigger. (Source:HTC) but the use of HTC Bolt processor Snapdragon 810, may make a lot of people feel surprised, rather odd rake, especially in Snapdragon 821, 830 are ready to debut occasion. This high the previous generation flagship processor in the last year because of fever and frequently criticized, and in fact, the performance of CPU on GPU single line, this year’s high-end Qualcomm processor such as Snapdragon 652, Snapdragon 650, and Snapdragon 810 is not less, because of the use of HTC generation of SoC, should be more or consider with Qualcomm between bargaining power, and inventory cost. Due to frequent Snapdragon 810 heating problem, so in 2015 when the mobile phone factory usually specially designed some methods to suppress it, like by high resolution screen frame, lock core does not run high相关的主题文章: