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The same game to witness the joy and warmth of the car of He Wei and Tommy father saying formula: tiger brothers, father and son of his soldiers, deep feelings between father and son it is self-evident. In the car Minter’s two formula one race China Grand Prix (hereinafter referred to as CFGP) and FIA F4 China Championship (hereinafter referred to as F4), there are a lot of often appeared together in the race of father and son. For example, CFGP He Wei, F4 He Zijian and his son, Bruno and his son, Liu Wenlong and his son, Lin Taian and his son, father and son, father and son, beam Hanzhao Tommy Wu Ruopeng and his son, Zheng Jianian and his son, son of eve. My father stood at the side of the paddock, looked out over the son go by like the wind, this is a warmth of the landscape, when the father is a driver, the warmth and more of a joy. In September 11th, Shanghai International Speedway, before the opening of the ShangHai Railway Station car Minter, Mingtai specially arranged a car full of joy "father of war". They are CFGP He Wei, his son He Zijian and Tommy and his son F4. He Wei is the Lufeng team’s main drivers, Chizha off-road circles for many years, in the field of off-road (COC) is a multiple win experience. He Zijian and his son to represent the life infinite speed horsepower team played He Zijian repeatedly stand on the highest podium CFGP, last season was won the CFGP year runner up, but also many times with father campaign ring tower, etc. Large cross-country cross-country rally, is across the site and non field events all rounder. F4UMC’s Tommy born racing family, his father and grandfather are racers. Tommy began practicing karting at the age of seven, won the 5 heavyweight champion. In the mass equation, Mazda touring car, Honda touring car, also in 2500 horsepower trucks participating national truck competition. Tommy’s father is now the Pikes Peak climbing track manager, in 2009 won the national touring car championship. After the game F1 He Zijian won the first track go by like the wind, second, Tommy, Tommy father third, where Zi Jian’s father He Wei fourth. However, when four drivers, two father and son, with a hearty hug together, success is not important, important is the father and son Tongchangjingji, reflects the joy and warmth of the side of the car, the car is located in the ShangHai Railway Station adds a different kind of wonderful!相关的主题文章: