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The introduction of winter work system in Shanghai some units: half an hour early to work after the Sohu News Morning News reporter Xie Kewei winter day short night long, the weather is getting cold, chilly wind may make your morning reduction in the nest do not want to get up, while at 5 points, and will make you hungry so hungry call. Reporters from the day before part of the business units in Shanghai city learned that a winter cold winter slightly so that employees can work for some units are quietly implemented, although this system work will only be morning time slightly late and a half hours commuting time or a little earlier for half an hour, but simple approach, really let out this system of enterprise employees feel warm. The boss said, can go home half an hour ago, Ms. Zhang is Shanghai Jie round Family Services Limited financial, in accordance with the previous evening schedule, she needs every morning before 9 to 5:30 in the afternoon after the company, and then came home from work, however, the old chapter in the first two days quietly changed. "This year the beginning of winter before the day afternoon, the boss suddenly walked into the office and told us that after the beginning of winter is at 5 pm, at same time." Ms. Zhang told reporters, the boss stressed that the time has to continue until the 15th day of the first month of the Chinese lunar calendar next year. "At the scene of the staff was surprised and puzzled, is another company we need to arrange early to get home, or what is the reason? We all looked at the boss with a different look. An employee is half-genuine and half-sham asked boss is not joking." Although the boss usually love to joke, but this time he is not joking. Ms. Zhang said, explaining that the boss, after the beginning of winter, dark days early, at 5:30 next meeting to let people suffer hunger and cold, after half an hour early, still bright, can not feel cold hungry. The company boss is inspired the introduction of winter hours from parts of Europe and the United States business practices by the. The boss later told reporters, in fact as long as to own work, half an hour earlier work and will not delay the work, "in the past even work at 5:30, the majority of employees are also a 5 point up waiting for work. It is precisely this half an hour, will be more cohesion centripetal force, increase affinity." "Not illegal, shorten the working hours and feasible" in fact, the introduction of winter preparation work is not only this one, the other law firms have the same approach, but the firm’s approach is to let employees work half an hour late. According to the office staff, office director let them later work, is given to the cold heaven easy to sleep, crowded car is particularly easy to be late. The reporter found in the online inquiry, Wenzhou, Jiangsu and other places, some companies, as well as the city of some European and American countries have implemented the business of the company has also performed work for the winter. So the law for work and rest time in the end what are the provisions? Enterprises to carry out the winter working hours, whether because of no legal compliance and termination? For some employees questioned, labor law expert Tan Yuming said, does not exceed the legal provisions of the work and overtime hours are allowed to implement, beyond the time limit for the legal system.相关的主题文章: