The ghost sell personal information industry express bank employees – Sohu financing demand tencent upd

The ghost sell personal information industry express bank employees – Sohu financing both sides with WeChat demand for personal information exchange. Intermediary house was arrested by a police. Heze police for other people want to record the image of the loan, courier address, mobile phone real-time positioning and other personal information, as long as the demand put forward in the QQ group, someone will respond. Buyers will be able to get these accurate personal information through the transfer of WeChat. In May this year, Shandong Heze police cracked a customized personal information trafficking case, arrested 29 suspects, including bank staff of 2 people, the courier company staff of 1 people, the telecom company employees 1 people, found that more than 500 yuan in the capital, find out the exchange of personal information of citizens a total of more than 200 million. QQ group in the case of personal information transactions, the initial clue is found in the QQ group, more than a dozen QQ group, the largest number can reach 2000." Police handling the case, there are personal information in the QQ group buyers and sellers, there are many middlemen, as long as someone put forward the demand, there will be someone to respond to the group, the two sides and then private transactions". Police investigation found that a network called Maitreya Buddha who is trading more middlemen, the police began to investigate. "The middleman is two traffickers, contact them and a lot of data source information, usually hand in multiple middlemen increases." Police seized a personal information price list from the Maitreya Buddha, flight records, personal bank water (details), cell phone location information can be searched, ranging from several hundred dollars to several thousand dollars. Police investigation found that the real identity of Maitreya Buddha Ma, living in Heze City, Dongming, QQ and WeChat mobile phone contact business. The police through the transfer of a bank transaction records found that the home is a network called "everyday people". "Every day" data come from? With the depth of the investigation, a data source and a number of intermediaries to contact the huge trading network gradually surfaced. The courier company warehouse into an Heze Municipal Public Security Bureau police detachment Zhang Renju introduction, "every day" is the middleman circle of greater fame of a sale of personal information, because it can provide a variety of full set of personal information is known in the circle. "This is a ghost source, middlemen, illegal users formed black industry chain, Zhang Renju, is the source of the suspects will use the work, to check the personal information of the citizens, and such information will be sold to middlemen, these information after several price plus reselling, into the hands of the implementation of the suspect fraud, online theft and other crimes. Police investigators said, every day in the circle for 3 years, with a lot of data sources. From the start every day, the police seized 7 data sources, including bank staff of 2, courier company employees, telecommunications companies, employees, 1. "By reselling the credit information flows from two bank employees." Police investigators, the survey found that credit information flows from two employees in Xinyang City, Henan Province, the Pearl River Zhen Village bank and a zhang. Express information from a warehouse SF express ShangHai Railway Station tube)相关的主题文章: