The fourth session of the conference of the Internet 3 in Nanjing, opening large coffee and seek com-9c8947

Fourth China Internet Conference in 3 rather large coffee and seek common development road of Jiangsu Internet industry "harvest" 2016 party "- (fourth) Jiangsu internet conference tomorrow morning (3 days) in the Jiangsu Nanjing International Expo Conference Center Grand opening. This is also a large scale in Jiangsu Province, a high level, strong influence of the Internet industry event. It is reported that on the day of the opening ceremony, Cao Fuliang, China Academy of Engineering China Academy of Engineering Liu Yunjie, Matlock chairman Shi Wenjin would e Internet related fields and topics made a keynote speech. It is worth noting that the first batch of famous enterprises in Jiangsu will be officially announced at the meeting, set up the province’s benchmark image in the Internet industry. The development plan of Jiangsu province "13th Five-Year" information and communication industry will also be released the same period. In order to meet the different needs of the Internet, share the latest achievements and trends, the general assembly also dedicated to creating a "new media" and "sharing economy and smart home, big data and cloud computing, e-commerce and Internet industry", "network information security", "enterprise big coffee coffee Users Dialogue" and "the wisdom of the city" and "young Internet entrepreneurs" eight branch field forum. Sub forum venue by professionals to bring the relevant issues of intelligence and interpretation, for the audience to bring the latest information and voice.相关的主题文章: