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The first wave of Sichuan leaves began to quickly look at the red! Sohu – late tourism 9 months, Sichuan has been in the fall, black bean pot know where leaves have begun to see red, buddies shot it, it is too beautiful! Kim Magarot Magarot ditch should be Sichuan ditch undeveloped spots among the top view, the primitive forest, color bright, red now has gradually red, to see the real buddies, freakingly beautiful! (@ cat shot in September 15th) the quiet lake flowing slowly, yak on the hillside in the quiet eating grass, gradual color forest fascinating… How can this beautiful picture. Don’t let memories? (@ cat shot in September 15th) the vicissitudes of the cypress pine waterfall rushing in a wild profusion of vegetation, forest as the ancient Inn in the vast sea of forest shuttle extensions… So beautiful.. will only make you whole heart calm down! (@ cat shot in September 15th) there is no artificial deliberately decoration, only the pure nature, if you love photography, love adventure, love the original virgin scenery, to ditch the Magarot, will not let you down. (@ cat shot in September 15th, 1, Tips:) Magarot ditch not tickets, scenic camping, but to bring their own tents and do not want to eat, camping is also available in two in Hong Xiang Inn Inn accommodation etc.. 2, go to the Magarot ditch the best preparation for 2 and half days to 3 days, the first day in Barkam or two Township live, second days to two when the van ride township to Mizoguchi, began to play on foot. Self driving route: Chengdu Wenchuan Lixian – Barkam (Zhuo Keji) – – – the Magarot mountain rivers dream pen Xiang Gou Lixian Bipengou front with penggou leaves will begin in mid September to mid autumn red, right enough, Bipengou playing buddy, really feel a disc that changed the intoxicating color! (@ good man on September 16th) each other, leaves and snow riotous with colour dazzlingly beautiful, the wind blows the leaves turn bright rustling, like Cai Lin Huan in language, see the beauty of the scene, so she uttered "Bipengou so beautiful, you know the feeling of Jiuzhaigou"! (@ Plush Miss filmed in September 16th) Bipengou leaves until mid November will end, this time into the ditch, snow, red leaves, Haizi…. taking photos at hand a photo can be used as wallpaper, beauty burst your circle of friends! The leaves of gold, red and yellow all over the mountains and plains, in a lush, deducing Bipengou unique vitality, through the hot summer passion, pick up a piece of your favorite leaves, it will be sealed into the most beautiful whole autumn memories…… Tips: 1, Bipengou scenic tickets 80 yuan, 60 yuan in the car, the car battery can sit can not sit. 2, after the tour penggou suggested 2-3 days, can go to taopingqiangzhai, Fort Gan Tibet village stroll along the way, can go to Gul Spa at night. ]]相关的主题文章: