The first International Dragon tournament in Chongqing opening 12 teams at home and abroad Gexianshe-diqua

The first International Dragon tournament in Chongqing opening 12 teams at home and abroad "Gexianshentong" – Beijing, Beijing, Chongqing, September 26, (Zhong Yi) 2016 "Home City Cup" the first international tournament in the 26 dragon "Tongliang District Chinese dragon township of Chongqing city opened, attracted a total of 12 elite at home and abroad team. Dragon dance is not only a sport, it is a common cultural phenomenon. In the opening ceremony held at the scene of the optional routine aspects of the game, 12 teams at home and abroad based on its own characteristics, Gexianshentong, jumping, etc. churning difficult movements caused the audience cheers. "Our team is made up of students from 8 countries who have been practicing since the summer." China University of Geosciences international student team leader Zhao Yijuan told reporters that the team was founded in 2012, students from the open class and culture elective Chinese love dragon dance movement. The competition, foreign students in the Action Choreography interspersed with fiery African dance, highlighting the integration of Chinese and Western culture. Shanghai Maritime Univeristy dragon dance team for the audience in a dragon dance version of "journey to the West". The team coach Chen Weidong, Maritime University team in order to show the dragon of many allusions of great momentum, "journey to the west" in the book, with relevant soundtrack, "looking forward to the audience find everything fresh and new feeling." Founded in 2002, the Wuhan Sports Institute dragon lion team with a pink dress to attract the attention of the audience. The team members said, the theme of "dragon dragon dance team selection," Xu "pink is full of romantic color, but also show our love of the dragon." Malaysia Johore dragon lion sports team coach Cai Weiyu said, in Malaysia, the dragon lion retains many elements to the game, China, team specially added Malaysia song, the purpose is to make everyone feel creative. Singapore Wen Yang Sports Association team used in the race, "Chinese music" most incisive. TV drama "the Water Margin" theme song "hero song", Chinese opera excerpts, Teresa Teng’s "don’t pick the roadside flower and nursery rhymes" catch "loach" and so on music resounds, the dragon dance movement is full of delight and not to lose the style. The song "Butterfly Lovers" sounded, Chongqing Tongliang a dragon dance team performances caused the audience cheers. The coach Liu Qi said, the players in this competition for half a year, the "Butterfly Lovers" is known to every family of music, with flexible tone, in people’s impression of "dragon" is a symbol of strength, "we want to through the combination of innovation, give the" dragon "hard and soft feeling." Liu Qi said, the players in order to fully perform, not only in music and dance the Kung Fu, even the costumes are inlaid on only a "Butterfly" style, create new styles. It is understood that the 12 teams are: Singapore Wen Yang Sports Association, Malaysia Johore Dragon Lion Sports Association, Federation of Hongkong Wushu Association, sports health Wen Anlong lion dance teams, students of Jiangxi Normal University, China University of Geosciences international student team, the dragon lion dance team of Wuhan Sports Institute, Guiyang University, Hainan Institute of tropical marine dragon dance team the dragon dance team, South Guangdong.相关的主题文章: