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"The first grade" big play "practical joke kiss" Jiang Naoki debut – Sohu Sohu Zhao Zhiwei Entertainment Entertainment News China Renchao popular boy band SpeXial dancer Zhao Zhiwei as "the first grade" in after soaring popularity, "the first grade" as Zhao Zhiwei following the "ultimate class" after 4 "Assassin biography" another masterpiece. In the first year, Zhao Zhiwei paid tribute to the idol, Hu Ge, launched a heated debate, the emotional intelligence of the super high, continued to get unanimous praise of the president of the United States and China, the United States and China, the United States and the United States, the United States and China, "the first year" in tribute to the idol. The members of the SpeXial singer qi transformation, some members about constantly, solo full flowering. Zhao Zhiwei with the "first grade" in the success of a variety of circles break a place in the show to show their own optimistic personality, and constantly absorbing powder. A development of the SpeXial called the entertainment Almighty combination, in any field can be seen SpeXial active figure. "The first grade" in Zhao Zhiwei to accept the challenge, following the "ultimate class 4" salute "Nirvana in Fire" Mei long after the Soviet Union, launched in the first grade "in the" debate "professional and non professional actors which is easier to succeed, to pay tribute to Hu Ge. As a captain, Zhao Zhiwei in addition to overcome the difficulties, carefully prepared his speech, also continue to cheer for the team, when the captain of due diligence. Private Zhao Zhiwei usually also often concerned about SpeXial members, members are very warm heart. Zhao Zhiwei and Yu Shuxin also staged drama "women wooing men, big play variety edition practical joke" kiss "graduation season version of Jiang Naoki and Yuan Xiangqin", self willed into each other’s practical joke. Zhao Zhiwei in the debate, dressed in suits to show a mature temperament, full of men. Cobain and students on a big show of strength of the word horse, the audience praising its dance skills.相关的主题文章: