The first anti China telecommunications fraud series filming in GeTian etc. acbel

The first anti China telecommunications fraud series filming GeTian etc. in Beijing September 23 Dalian Xinhua (reporter Yang Yi) by the Ministry of Public Security Propaganda Bureau, Ministry of Public Security Criminal Investigation Bureau, the Dalian Municipal Public Security Bureau jointly produced the first anti Chinese telecommunications fraud series movie "cat and mouse" can not "forgive" "strange number" "love" and "evil" puzzle calls, 23, began filming in Liaoning in Dalian. Hongkong director Peng Shun and other 4 directors will direct the film. At present, with the rapid development of Internet technology, coupled with the economic interests of the drive, telecommunications fraud has shown a high frequency of social pollution. The above series of anti fraud series of telecommunications fraud is in this context of the shooting, designed to achieve the integration of entertainment in the entertainment, the police in the shadow of the propaganda warning effect. According to reports, the series of films will be full of three-dimensional character design, ups and downs of the story, a true reproduction of the Internet era can not see the enemy’s air war". The film will be the multi angle display of police and high-tech criminals wits, profound analysis of criminal means of crime and psychology, and revealed the whole process of telecommunications fraud. The film will be directed by Peng Shun, Hongkong,, mainland director Zang Xichuan, four people directed by the president of the company, and the film will be directed by the director of the. Mainland actor He Minghan, Wang Ruizi will serve as the protagonist of the series of movies. In addition, China’s famous actor Jinggangshan, Zhang Meng, Ge days, such as Qiao Shan will also be invited to play a major role in the series of films. To ensure that the film has the authenticity and authority of the creative staff, which lasted more than a year has visited Beijing, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Fujian and other places of the anti fraud center, network police and criminal investigation center of dozens of police investigators and suspects conducted in-depth interviews, selected from the real typical case and made into a movie material. Currently, the film crew has more than and 200 people in Dalian, with immediate effect for a period of more than two months of filming, the film plans to meet with the audience before May 2017. (end) (China News Network)相关的主题文章: