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The fifth batch of "Fujian time-honored"   Xiamen three ring 3 companies into the column – Fujian channel — original title: the fifth batch of "Fujian time-honored" Xiamen three ring 3 enterprises. Recently, the Fujian Provincial Department of Commerce issued a message, to identify the fifth batch of Fujian province "Fujian old name" enterprise. From November 17th to November 23rd announcement. This batch of "Fujian time-honored" a total of 18, including a list of three enterprises in Xiamen: Xiamen three ring Battery Co. Ltd. (registered trademark: three laps), Xiamen Gulangyu Islet Food Factory Co. Ltd. (registered trademark: Gulangyu Islet), Xiamen city with the British Department Store Co. Ltd. (registered trademark: British Draper). At present, Fujian has identified the 4 batch of the Fujian old enterprises, the Ministry of Commerce identified Fujian Province, China’s old name enterprises 34, 68. This batch of newly baked old is full of childhood memories. Three battery, I believe we will not be unfamiliar. 1925, Xiamen’s first battery factory – Moon Star battery factory was born. In 1954 after a public-private partnership, magnitude 5 month battery factory merged Xiamen battery factory. In 1964, the creation of three brands, and into the international market. Founded in 1903 with the British Draper, once Xiamen’s largest silk satin firm, it is the best-selling products fashionable. However, with the change of the years, with the British Draper in Datong Road in front of the shop has been closed for several years. The taste of Gulangyu Islet brand pie is more difficult to forget the people of Xiamen. The Gulangyu Islet in Xiamen city food factory was founded in 1956, the main brand of Gulangyu Islet (gulangisland). "Gulangyu Islet brand pie has been certified as the old Chinese, Xiamen old, the finalists let us feel more social responsibility." Gulangyu Islet food factory responsible person has said in Huashan earlier this year, began to submit relevant materials, the "Fujian time-honored" the approval process is very strict, not only have the corresponding registered trademark but also have inheritance relations clear, which made him feel the "time-honored" three word weight. (reporter Li Ling) (commissioning editor Wu Zhou and Zhang Zijian)相关的主题文章: