The farthest distance, is not love hate, is familiar with the stranger-mide-031

The farthest distance is not love, hate, is familiar with the people become strange source: text in the junkmen short life, is like a story, or good or bad, are their own writing time scattered, matters not how long, but how well in. In this life, everyone is looking forward to a happy ending long, but I want, is probably the first move, then, for the rest of my life waiting for. However, some feelings are not expired. There is a love, it is deep love, but can not open. There is a love, obviously want to let go, but can not leave. There is a love, knowing that is suffering, but reluctant to give up. There is a love, knowing that there is no way, but the heart has long been lost. Some people, once met, then a million years; some heart, once started, it Spilled water cannot be gathered up. There is a little wine can be intoxicating, there is a kind of love can be a little warm, there is a person you met unforgettable, there is a heart if not common, will miss each other forever. The so-called fate, never wait for the next one or more, but cherish the moment, in the moment, not long winded. We are not the most love couple, we just experienced the largest departure. So we always paralyzed thoughts, the coming of the Federation, the love to love. Perhaps the best time parting is in remembrance of our days, as it is always in the freely flowing style of writing, suddenly found lost, always in the illusory, sigh lost forever. The furthest distance in the world, is not love, not hate, but the familiar, gradually become strange. Love, but a person from a person to pick up. Forget the time is always a long time, the regret of the past is always a little wound, the truth who all understand, but, we are too old, but too late to understand. More exciting content please pay attention to Sina micro-blog (female)相关的主题文章: