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Internet-and-Business-Online 4 Things about Facebook You Should Know But Don’t It looks like every Internet user is on Facebook; or almost. It seems the Internet only exist to serve Facebook. So, here are some interesting facts about this social network that you should know, especially if you are contemplating going into business . Even if you are picking Cocoa beans in Cote d’lvoire | the world’s top cocoa producer| the central African jungle], chances are you already know plenty about Facebook. If you are not exploiting Facebook, your your focus needs a radical shift, and your business is losing money because of this . 1.50% of all Internet Users are on Facebook According to statistics gathered from .internetworldstats.. and zephoria.., approximately a full 50% of all Internet users are also on Facebook. These statistics were effect at or around July, 2013. This means that half of your potential customers can also connect with you on Facebook . Your ideal market might just be on Facebook 2. The Most Prolific FB Users are in the 25 – 34 Age Group If you want to market on Facebook, but you are not sure what product to sell or create, perhaps this age demographic will help you decide . For women, this is prime child-bearing age. For men, this is the time that they settle down and build families. Some guys will never settle down, but they are in the minority; I think. This age group also represents many of today’s top Earners in the Internet world . Visit Jamie Tardy at virtualmillionaire dot . and you will find that most of her interviewees fall into this age group; and she most interview Millionaires, by the way 3. Most People Log onto Facebook During the Middle of the Week from Mid-day to 3:00 pm Now, this is interesting. Do you think that you could update you profiles and make your posts at this time? It might be the best time to break special news or post specific items that could give you a great advantage. Perhaps this is the first time some people will check their FB accounts after the weekend. 4. Forbes.. Reports that people spent just over US$1,000,000,000 on Facebook, buying Virtual currency That does not include all the money spent on other goods outside of Facebook, by customers who are initially generated through Facebook ads. Gamers were the big spenders there, as Facebook is one of the largest gaming portal online. It is not so easy to show specifics about people who buy FB ads but we know that this figure exceeds one million. If you are looking for a cheaper alternative to Google Adwords with better targeting to boot, I believe Facebook will fit the bill About the Author: 相关的主题文章: