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In the face of the "middle income trap" Long March "tourism" — the military — heroic epic, since the immortal monument — to commemorate the 80 anniversary of the victory of the long march Chinese Red Army theme exhibition to carry out, go to the military museum visitor traffic million people in a continuous line. Coincidentally, National Day from Jiangxi to Yudu during the "Long March source", Guizhou Zunyi meeting site to Shaanxi Yanan pagoda mountain, the size of the long march of the Red Army along the scenic spots are popular tourist attractions, the formation of the "long hot tourism". According to statistics, the "Zunyi meeting" venue, every day visitors are more than 2 people; "a few spots of four Chishui", the daily visitors totaled 190 thousand people. What is the cause of the long march tourism fever? In commemoration of the 80 anniversary of the victory of the Long March, the governments at all levels of the country carefully planned and promoted a series of activities, of course, one of the reasons. But at the same time to see, many visitors to tourist attractions along the long march of spontaneous, and not to make a sightseeing tour, but in the spirit of "tour". In accordance with the world bank standards, the per capita GDP of $4000, entered the middle-income countries. Economists say the "middle income" is a "trap", in the "trap" can not be achieved if the transformation of economic development mode, the lack of power of economic growth, economic development will appear stagnant for a long time. The World Bank study shows that in the past 50 years, only about 13 countries and regions across the world’s more than and 100 middle-income economies across the middle-income trap, rising to high-income economies. Economists objectively analyze the "middle-income trap" in the economic level, but the author believes that, in addition, there is a "middle-income trap" in the spirit. A country into the ranks of the middle-income, the people in the poverty line, the idea is relatively simple, people’s common aspiration is to solve the problem of food and clothing. During this period, the spirit of hard work to inspire people, as long as the principles and policies of the state, correct economic and social conditions are ripe, people can be formed in accordance with the national strength million people united as one man, targets for promoting rapid economic and social development. After the implementation of the "middle income" level, people basically solved the problem of food and clothing, people are thinking more and more active, showing diverse characteristics, hedonism will rise; at the same time, stable life and make quite a few people will decline, the spirit of hard struggle spirit world cut, easy to fall into the relatively empty and even distorted state, and the like and the development of the economy, not long-term rebound. At present, China’s per capita GDP reached 7500 U.S. dollars, has entered the upper middle income country ranks. In recent years, China’s focus on the new economic norm, to further promote the structural reform of the supply side, accelerate the transformation of economic development, and strive to break the middle-income trap, striding forward towards the goal of economic power. At the same time, the ideological realm and spiritual pursuit of the people of our country should also refresh the goal, but also leap forward development, and form a spiritual force to adapt to the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. This is the call of the times, the call of history! Thus, standing in the "middle-income trap" to see ""相关的主题文章: