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The exposure of private equity chiefs: Zhao Danyang Wang Yawei Luo Weiguang of investment holdings shares of sina finance: what App live on-line blogger to help guide the stock masters 20 years of experience in veteran reporter Peng Hao editor: with entering the peak of the semi annual disclosure of listed companies, private equity bigwigs exposure in the two quarter of the new positions. The two quarter to Dong’e Zhao Danyang Wang Yawei Ejiao; substantial holdings of environmental trimer, but missed the development of Langfang; freshwater springs investment, Chongyang investment both hold Luo Weiguang in Wanhua chemical, low buying Acer, close to the placards line. Two private investment in the two quarter wave exposure report of the two quarter, private sector ownership trends in compelling market well-known private equity holdings for the steady growth of blue chip stocks, liquor, pharmaceutical and other industries department store supermarket. On the whole, the sun semi annual report holds a total of more than 200 private equity. Among them, the new top 106 stock holdings, holdings of 46 stocks, 40 stocks, 58 stocks Holdings unchanged. The holdings of stocks, intellectual flying creatures, Shanxi Fen, Chao Hongji and other stocks Holdings larger. In addition, optical technology, China Stonehenge, Lu Yan pharmaceutical, LIAN, share your rope, rising photoelectric technology stocks such as private equity holdings by more than 80%. Specifically, private Godfather Zhao Danyang in the first half of Dong’e still adhere to the donkey, he managed the value of trust, trust and utter innocence utter innocence growth holds 6 million 218 thousand and 500 shares and 5 million 806 thousand shares, accounting for the proportion of tradable shares were 0.95%, 0.89%. In contrast, Zhao Danyang holdings of Dong’e County in the two quarter, the number of nearly 3 million shares. Dong’e county this year rose to 18.91%. In addition, Zhao Danyang’s utter innocence private equity products have 3 series of products held by Shanxi Fenjiu 15 million 150 thousand shares, 10 million 980 thousand shares over the previous period. Lattice financial data show that as of yesterday, star stone investment products in the alcoholic liquor, Huahai sea cucumber, Yiqiao the 3 companies of the top ten shareholders, the cumulative number of shares to 21 million 828 thousand and 500 shares, as of the end of the two quarter total market value of 39 million 178 thousand and 900 Yuan holdings, including alcoholic liquor for the two quarter star stone investment the new stocks, the two quarter star stone investment sharply to buy the stock, as of the end of the two quarter total buy 4 million 170 thousand shares, the company has entered the top ten tradable shareholders first. In addition, ten million private equity investment in Beijing and semi annual appeared in the top ten tradable shareholders of the Oriental Garden, and poly platform fund holds the Oriental Garden of the shares, accounting for the proportion of outstanding shares of 1.05%, for the new entrants in the two quarter. Oriental garden this year, up to 27%. It is worth mentioning that, since this year, the former raised a brother, Wang Yawei is out of luck, foot step on mine FAW car, rear TA Langfang development. Since this year, Wang Yawei on the "origami No. 1" and "Yun Feng 3" held by Langfang development holdings. Langfang development report shows that it has withdrawn from the ten major shareholders of circulation, this operation also missed the recent surge in the stock market – this year, Langfang’s development or over相关的主题文章: