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The explosion of Note7 help iPhone7 sold, domestic high-end mobile phone market to snatch? The man of science and technology – Sohu (relai opinion columnist) on Sept. 16 is iPhone7 and iPhone7plus officially opened on the day, the first time successful booking iPhone7 friends should get a mobile phone. Apple official said, first of all the colors of the iPhone 7 Plus has been sold out, bright black (Obsidian) iPhone 7 has been sold out, other colors can still order iPhone7. The second major telecom operators Sprint, iPhone 7 and 7 Plus in the first three days of pre orders year-on-year growth of 375%. In addition to iPhone’s own reasons, Samsung’s assists also play a crucial role. Samsung lost Jingzhou, the global market will change the pattern of recent Samsung NOTE7 because the battery explosion by the multinational airline are prohibited on the machine, in the global recall of 2 million 500 thousand Samsung NOTE7, in addition to recall cost of not less than $1 billion, the stock price and brand value are greatly affected, especially many of the original purchase or to buy Samsung Note7 users transfer to buy the iPhone camp, Samsung Note7 users and iPhone7 users overlap is very high. Samsung Note7 released a month earlier than iPhone7, with excellent appearance and configuration, which can seize the initiative, sniper iPhone7, but because the battery explosion lost Jingzhou, the global mobile phone market structure may change. From IDC Q2 released the 2016 global smartphone market data, Q2 global smartphone shipments of 343 million 300 thousand, 0.3% growth over the same period last year 342 million 400 thousand, intelligent mobile phone market is saturated, the manufacturers are competing for the stock market. According to the data show that Samsung sit tight in the top spot, shipments of 77 million units, the market share of 22.4%; second and third HUAWEI and apple have a certain gap. With the global market performance is different, in the Chinese market, Samsung even before five are not visible in the China Samsung squeeze, the market is not so leisurely and carefree, its main advantage is way ahead in the global market. With the impact of the battery explosion, the original Samsung users will be transferred to other mobile phone manufacturers camp, with the Samsung battery explosion continues to ferment, the future pattern will change. Samsung dual standard treatment of the Chinese market, the Chinese market will continue to decline as a result of fear, up to now, Samsung has decided to recall Samsung Galaxy Note7 mobile phone sales in 10 countries and regions. The ten countries and regions are: the United States, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Taiwan, the United Arab Emirates, South korea. But not in china. According to Samsung Corp official said, the battery explosion is due to its battery supplier Samsung SDI produced a number of defective batteries caused by the,.相关的主题文章: