The engine cycle time – 1889 Qixin tourism Sohu

"The engine" 1889 cycle time – Sohu new tourism China the earliest a cement plant is not only the Qixin cement, once the imprint of the times, it is now the era of style. Qixin cement the officical merchant’s China in the history of the development of modern national industry representative, once played the role of the engine ". When it comes to the history of the development of modern Chinese national industry, it is necessary to mention "Zhangbei"". Zhang Jian Nan, North Zhou Xuexi. The Qixin cement is the achievement of Zhou Xuexi and nephew uncle Zhou brilliant life?. After the Tangshan earthquake in 1976 and survived for nearly a hundred years old old buildings still stand tall. And how many of the city’s old industrial district was razed to the ground by a piece of paper. Walk through the park on the 1889 new cultural and creative industries, lamented the impermanence of natural calamities and man-made misfortunes. To lose my emotions, we might go back to old the first appearance on a range of time travel. The same sky, the different time, the museum is set through the basic staged drama. Review the new through the hundred years in Qixin Cement Industrial Museum in. Fifteen years Guangxu (1889) approved by Kaiping Mining Bureau General Office Tang Tingshu submitted to the Minister of the northern Zhili governor Li Hongzhang, using Tangshan limestone as raw materials in the construction of Tangshan city of mountain area of Tangshan fine cotton soil plant. Thirty-two years Guangxu (1906), industrialist Zhou Xuexi will be accounted for the British capitalists cheat fine cotton factory running back. Thirty-three years Guangxu (1907), Tangshan fine cotton soil plant was renamed "Tangshan Qixin cement Limited by Share Ltd". Cement trademark as "negative Longma diagram", commonly known as horse brand. Xuantong three years (1911) the first equipment modification to the Danish company Smith Qixin equipment purchased two sets of rotary kiln, such as ball mill instead of shaft kiln and other backward equipment, using semi wet production, to create China’s use of production of cement rotary kiln era. In ten years (1921), Qixin conducted second equipment renovation, purchase the Danish Smith two sets of large rotary kiln, four Taiwan, two Taiwan cement grinding mill. At the same time, the introduction of new equipment to expand production moved in front of the building. Keep the fire burning kiln is the core staff of Qixin cement factory, this is their exclusive office area. It is at 1600 DEG C under high temperature operation of the necessary labor protection supplies. The cement clinker in the bottle is a semi – finished product in the cement industry, but it is the base of the cement quality. Cement clinker kiln after even after cooling can avoid hot temperature. The workers had to transport cement shoes worn on the hand cart cargo, to avoid scalding. In the cabinet, the production of the first barrel of Qixin cement cement seems to have turned into a China milepost of modern national industry. Steeped in the old plant nearly 100 years of cement stains is a new scrubbing, red brick wall is the most authentic exhibits in museums within reach. After the founding of new China, Qixin became the people’s assets through public-private policy of redemption. Premier Zhou Enlai has arrived in new inspection work, through the two plant room bridge corridor. Now the new!相关的主题文章: