The east gate of the traditional market, the traditional market – the largest Sohu in Jeju Island To

The east gate of the traditional market, the traditional market – Jeju Island’s largest Sohu to participate in the traditional tourism market in South Korea and South Korea economic daily business service center jointly organized based activities, to Anton traditional market, daily even to the traditional market and traditional market dongmen. The east gate of the traditional market is the largest traditional market in Jeju Island, by the East Gate market, east gate consists of traditional market, to market in the east gate and East Gate aquaculture market four market. It is said that South Korean variety show Running Man also came here to shoot, so some shops simply put the program photos hanging at the door to attract customers. But tell the truth, I do not look at the Korean variety ha ha ha, so it is not clear to the specific shop. And before going to the market and even to the daily Anton market compared to the traditional market is indeed in the East Gate on the superior scale, zoning is more clear, there are special aquatic products market. Pu Jinhui has also visited the east gate of the traditional market, the door has hung banners. Can often see this in the traditional market stalls, mainly selling fried rice cake and some fried, simple and quick. Want to take a hand to send back to relatives and friends can also buy a good packaging Jeju Island specialty. This street is the main selling pickles, pickled products, so the taste is relatively rich. Probably there are too many tourists, to see people taking pictures, the owner directly waved and said not to take pictures, so if the pictures have to suzhansujue it, though I had been very feel shy with the scene photos taken, so each sweep sweep ah quickly finished the withdrawal. The seafood market is really eye-opening, on both sides of a road are selling fish stalls, there are many I have not seen the seafood. Some aquatic stalls have direct selling packaged sashimi is fresh packaging, can buy edge to eat, I actually want to experience the live octopus, but, uh, still have a chance. Can see a lot of stores in the foam packing box, said the East traditional market every day a large number of seafood to all parts of the country, other city people living in Korea can order directly, as long as the express at home can. Obviously to experience the crowded feeling in the time of the visit to the East market, is not entirely foreign propaganda well brought many tourists, mostly local people visiting Jeju Island, here is their main procurement, can easily buy daily necessities. There are a lot of other countries to tourists here, in fact, the proportion of Chinese tourists is not too high, at least not like in the duty-free shops, where to hear are chinese. The east gate of the traditional market management department also made the investigation, understand what Chinese tourists want to buy in the traditional market, what to eat, so the market can also make corresponding adjustments to improve the proportion of China tourists. From the survey shows, Chinese tourists came to South Korea traditional market actually is most looking forward to all the biggest appeal is delicacy, should the market should be a little more selling traditional snack stalls, then I also think so, is really a chowhound. Buy Jeju Island stone other snacks grandpa in the East Gate market but also in the traditional.相关的主题文章: