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Xiangxi a "talented woman" on their own love and career successes original title: Pocket talented happy life don’t look at my only 1.07 meters tall, can I have a mother of two children. Looking back on my way, there is warmth, ridicule, despair, surprise, bitterness, and moved…… Have a good school I come from a small village in Xiangxi. The child had growth hormone deficiency chromosomes completely, parents borrowed twenty several million yuan to cure me, have not improved. Because of this disease, cause my short stature, but my head and body are symmetrical, in other words, I am a smaller version of normal people. From my sensible, my father told me that I am a lot less than the normal choice, my only way out is to study hard, admitted to the University, in the future to rely on mental labor to feed themselves. So, my high school three years to make efforts, college entrance examination in 2008, I was admitted to a university Changsha liberal arts scores of 550 points, a round of my university dream. Came to the University, everything is so fresh, so beautiful, of course, also no stranger curious, strange eyes. The new environment, everything must be adapted from scratch, I am more difficult to adapt to the natural than the normal much larger. Considering the actual situation of our school leaders, to create a smaller version of the tables and chairs for me, and I will also specially arranged in the dormitory bunk. My home is already in debt, cure, no money to pay tuition fees, in order to let me finish school, special school from my university all costs four years. Not easily won learning opportunities, I cherish every semester I get the scholarship, award certificates, also took a lot, my story was a lot of media coverage, also known as "a talented woman". Find a good job, a good university life, fleeting. Looking for a job has become a difficult problem in my life. The school organized several large-scale job fairs, every time I cast a resume, employers of my professional or very satisfied, but I saw the man will find all kinds of reasons for me to turn down. See my classmates, one by the employing units, I am both happy and happy is lost, they can get it, lost the world is so big, I had no place to live. When I was in trouble, I got the support and care of the district government, I was recruited into the district government. I moved to a government employee dormitory from the student dormitory, inhabited by many people originally living to separate, parents do not trust, so his family came to Changsha, lived with me. Because I am engaged in the computer related work, professional counterparts, the work will be handy. Have a stable job and income, to support themselves, this kind of feeling is very good. Parents can finally breathe a sigh of relief, but my marriage is still a problem for them. Especially the mother, the hair is white. Harvest love college, I have a lot of students around the talk about love. After work, I saw those young colleagues around, one by one into the palace of happiness, and I only envy. Physically disabled girls like me, never thought of love, but do not expect marriage. Yes, who would like to be with a girl who is only five or six years old相关的主题文章: