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The couple died leaving a marriage room quasi relatives fought for 10 years and the final word   core tip Xiaojuan and Koizumi the former lover, died in a car accident has been a full 10 years. Although two people buried together buried in the ground, but can not prevent both parents for their funeral, playing for nearly 10 years. However, just yesterday, the dispute between the two finally to draw a full stop. The two sides eventually make concessions, Xiaojuan’s parents take the initiative to give up more than 40 yuan of compensation, Koizumi’s mother paid 200 thousand yuan to the parents of Xiaojuan, under the name of the property owned by the mother of all the two. Yesterday, the Nanning City People’s court XIXIANGTANG district judge’s face, Mr Koizumi’s mother will be 200 thousand yuan in cash to the hands of the parents of Xiaojuan. Unexpected trouble loving couple both died "Xiaojuan really is a good girl, I always look like her as his own daughter. If it doesn’t happen, they should get married right away." Mention the car accident 10 years ago, Mr Koizumi’s mother Ms. Huang is still haunting. MS Wong told reporters, Xiaojuan childhood parents divorced, eager to have their own home. In 2000, he and Xiaojuan fell in love and live together, she is also satisfied with the daughter-in-law. 2005, Koizumi mortgage house, Xiaojuan will be listed as a total property. At the end of September 2006, the lovers and friends upcoming marriage meet drive to travel. In the evening of October 4th, he drove from Guizhou to Nanning on the way back, because the speed is too fast, resulting in a rollover, Mr Koizumi Xiaojuan and accompanied by a friend killed. After the incident, the traffic police found that he took full responsibility for the accident. Joy of travel, the result is the son and daughter-in-law both died, on the news, she can not accept, but she is still strong spunks up, two people will take care of things, two people buried together. "Know all two of them love beautiful, I also give them a tombstone beautifully." MS Wong said. Over both parents fought for 10 years after the death of Xiaojuan and Koizumi, the property of the name of the two, by Ms. Huang to return the mortgage. In May 2007, 30 thousand yuan to get compensation from the insurance company, Ms. Huang will be the sum of money given to Xiaojuan’s mother Ms. cen. Ms. Cen also wrote that, said after it received a compensation, both sides. Since then, long lost contact with Xiaojuan’s father he knew Xiaojuan passed away after the news, do not agree with the way of Cen lady. In December 2007, Xiaojuan’s parents will be parents to Koizumi’s parents XIXIANGTANG district court, asked Mr Koizumi in succession within the scope of the Koizumi heritage, Xiaojuan’s compensation for death compensation and funeral expenses and a total of 32 yuan. Xiaojuan’s funeral is himself, and he has reached with Ms. Cen "closure" agreement, and now the other side to claim, this let Ms. Huang feel hard to accept. The court of first instance, Ms. Cen unilaterally believes that violations of the legitimate rights and interests of hemou. The accident was caused by Koizumi, Xiaojuan’s parents should compensate for the loss of 18.8 yuan more than their parents. MS Wong refused to accept the proposed.相关的主题文章: