The capital airport due to haze canceled 512 flights performed 956 sorties – Sohu news reshacker

The capital airport due to haze canceled 512 flights performed 956 sorties – Sohu news Beijing morning news (reporter Xiao Dan Wu Tingting) recently God very capricious, yiyanbuge scattered haze, yesterday morning in the city’s local area visibility even less than 100 meters. Affected by strong cold air tonight, diffusion conditions will be gradually improved, but the haze dissipated completely until next Monday the north wind blew. City weather forecast, there will be 4, 5 northerly winds, gusts of up to 6 on Monday, 7. Yesterday morning at six, the visibility of the city in most areas in the range of 100 to 300 meters, visibility less than 100 meters in some areas, visibility is poor. "Open the curtains on the glass pane that is rubbed, found not wipe off, this is actually the day outside." A lot of people in the circle of friends drying out their photos, almost all of a piece. Weak cold air, the diffusion conditions have gradually improved, at 10 in the morning, with the sun covered, the fog gradually dissipated. To 10:10, the city meteorological observatory lifted the fog orange warning. However, due to the weak cold air forces, the limited role of pollutant removal. As of press time, the city is still mild to moderate haze, visibility in most areas of 1 to 3 kilometers. The weather station at 16:50 in Beijing released a haze yellow warning, is expected in most areas of 5 to 6 at night during the day in Beijing with mild to moderate haze, low visibility. Yesterday 19:15, the city is still in serious pollution, the primary pollutant PM2.5 index was 252, most of the monitoring sites in the 5 pollution. During the day, the temperature will begin to fall under the influence of weak cold air, is expected in the next three days, the maximum temperature of 9 degrees Celsius to 12 degrees Celsius, the minimum temperature of 2 degrees Celsius to 4 degrees Celsius, with the current flat. But today the night and rain falling, mountain rain and snow or snow for 7 days, the highest temperature is 12 degrees Celsius, but the larger the wind, still full body feeling cold. The city meteorological station said, affected by strong cold air, is expected to gradually from the beginning of the diffusion conditions after midnight today, there will be 4, 5 northerly wind gust 6, tomorrow, 7, then the haze will completely disappear. However, with the arrival of the heating season, pollution may be back at any time. 8 days of air quality is good to the level of mild pollution between the 3, the air quality on the 9 day of decline again, is expected to be mild to severe pollution level of 3 to the level of 4. The site of the plane delayed flights had to cancel the new change refund Beijing morning news (reporter Wu Tingting) sustained heavy fog effect, Beijing and Tianjin and the surrounding Airport Flights, capital airport flight delays or cancellations occur. The night before the fog began to cover the capital, visibility decreased, the Capital Airport Flights have been delayed or canceled. Reduced visibility brings trouble to the air traffic control, there are users upload shrouded in haze photos from the capital airport tower, the picture is not difficult to see, looking out from the tower, the apron is surrounded by a gray, as if covered with a layer of white curtain. According to the public Ms. Lee said that she and her family had planned to take Air China’s early 6:30 flight from Beijing to Sanya, but 5:30 arrived at the airport check-in.相关的主题文章: