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The boy abducted 22 years after   occasionally found their parents blood [map] – Guizhou channel: original title: accidental blood samples were collected to find the biological parents to give dad a birthday one family is embraced in 1994, a 4 year old boy Wang Changjiu in Guizhou Xingren County, being trafficked to Jiangsu Xuzhou. For 22 years, was raised by adoptive parents of Wang Changjiu, has not been aware of their own life. At the end of August this year, Wang Changjiu had a collection of blood samples between, happened to let him find in Guizhou Xingren County parents. September 29th, 26 year old Wang Changjiu from Jiangsu, Xuzhou, Xingren, arrived home in Guizhou, with their parents and family reunion. The little boy missing out picking up firecrackers in November 23, 2014, baby come home site held a tracing conference in Xingren county. Chengguan town of Tamura horn Wang Zhenghu couple, to declare tracing volunteers 20 years ago, the son of Wang Changjiu after missing. One day in November 1994, Wang Zhenghu’s neighbor’s funeral, people are very messy. 4 year old Wang Changjiu, heard the sound of firecrackers from the neighbors, they ran out of the house to pick up firecrackers to play. Didn’t think it was traffickers. Subsequently, the parents and the family hurried to the police station, and in Xingren County, the GuiYang Railway Station, car, continuous hair missing person looking for more than a month, still no results. Wang Zhenghu said, in order to find the child, is almost bankrupt, but as long as heard about the missing children information, he will find himself in the past. Have heard people say that the Guiyang crackdown office back on the welfare of 13 children, was in a hurry to go to Guiyang. But after living in Guiyang for a week, all the children were taken away, and Wang Zhenghu returned home sadly. The same day, volunteers will be Wang Zhenghu search information released to the baby to find a home on the site. The active site of the police, also collected blood samples for the wife of Wang Zhenghu, entered the national crackdown DNA database. No blood samples to find parents Wang Changjiu by traffickers turn to the field after Jiangsu Xuzhou was brought up by a couple named Su mouhui". However, because the abducted young age, and parents of him is love, to adopt his things mention 22 years, "Su Mouhui" did not know their own life. At the end of August 2016, an accidental reason, "Su Mouhui" collected blood samples from the police in Jiangsu, recorded in the DNA database. A few days later, the volunteers by DNA comparison, confirmed that Guizhou Xingren and Jiangsu Xuzhou Wang Zhenghu couple, "Su mouhui", have blood relationship. In September 13th this year, Mid Autumn Festival on the eve of Shenzhen in the coordination of the police, the couple Wang Zhenghu and Su mouhui participated in the "Mid Autumn Festival" abducted family Renqin ", both sides recognize. In his embrace of the moment, "Su Mouhui" knew another story, his another name and another parent. Twenty years of family reunion were heavy Renqin after the event, due to other reasons, Wang Changjiu did not immediately follow their parents back home in Guizhou. In September 29th, Wang Changjiu in his father Wang 50 years old birthday, back home in Guizhou, Xingren相关的主题文章: