The bird standing in the palm sealing bag could change the bird

The bird standing in the palm sealing bag could become CITIC bird cute birds can not only remove pests for crops, with their song and feathers decorate beautiful world also. The bird is a familiar bird, because it is healthy, very suitable for beginners who have, is a kind of bird entry. Japan has recently launched a "bird envelope", as long as can be folded into a cute little bird. The envelope includes a white bird, bird, and red bird haven. And the color of the background trees are not the same, giving people a feeling of different seasons. Although the plane looks very ordinary, but as long as it is squeezed into the shape of dumplings, bird becomes three-dimensional. "Stand up" the bird in the hand, looks like a really small bird stop in their own hands, really very cute. The envelope has 25 mannikin envelope and 11 copies of a set of stickers, after tax price of 702 yen (about 46 yuan). The bird also known as banteng, at the origin has been threatening local crops, regarded as vermin. Now after breeding bird breeders, in addition to the original gray paper, has successfully bred white paper, the camel, there is currently a haven and silver paper of the two new variants produced. Click to download Tencent anime APP, see more popular anime相关的主题文章: